Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Big Breaking: WhatsApp Down for Many Users Today

WhatsApp has been down for a few hours today. WhatsApp is on outrage for almost 1 hour (from 12:30pm), it is down for both personal and group chats and users aren’t able to send or receive messages.

This is not the first time WhatsApp is down, similar server issues were witnessed in the past, however they were very small outrages. But this time the outrage seems to be long.

DownDetector the outrage detection website confirms the WhatsApp outrage and they claim that it’s down for many users around multiple regions.

This is considered as the one of the longest outrages after the meta outrage on Oct 5th.

There isn’t any information about the fix for this outrage, but WhatsApp‘s parent Meta stated that they are working on the outrage fix and will update once it’s done. Let’s hope that it won’t take much time!

Stay tuned for more updates and we will be informing you once the WhatsApp server is up again.

These server issues were only seen for the majority of the android users, whereas for iOS the servers are fine.

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