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Apple Starts Improving Vision Pro Personas in visionOS 1.1 Beta

Apple has unveiled the latest update for its innovative Vision Pro headset, introducing visionOS 1.1 Beta to developers. This update significantly enhances one of its standout features: Vision Pro Personas. When you install visionOS 1.1 Beta, Vision Pro users are prompted to update their Personas to access the latest appearance improvements. Social media has already seen users sharing screenshots of their updated Personas, showcasing a noticeable increase in detail and realism.

Personas serve as a digital representation of the user during video calls on platforms like FaceTime and Zoom. Captured through Vision Pro’s advanced 3D facial scanning technology, Vision Pro  Personas aims to authentically replicate the wearer’s facial structure, expressions, and hand movements.

Despite still being labeled as a “beta” feature, visionOS 1.1 Beta brings several enhancements to Vision Pro Personas. Notable improvements include,

  • more natural-looking eyes
  • enhancements to skin tone
  • increased detail for added realism. 

However, challenges persist, particularly in accurately capturing hair.

While visionOS 1.1 Beta marks a significant step forward, Apple acknowledges that further refinement is necessary. Upon further development, users can eliminate the uncanny valley effect sometimes associated with their Vison Pro Personas. Developers can now access the beta version of visionOS with a full release expected alongside iOS 17.4 in March.

To further assist users in capturing ideal Vision Pro Personas, Apple has provided helpful tips in a recent support document. The essential tips for capturing a perfect Persona include advice such as:

  1. Take your time and ensure the Vision Pro is at eye level before starting the capture process.
  2. Use front-facing, even lighting to avoid shadows and prompts to adjust lighting.
  3. Keep your face well-lit and free from obstructions like hair.
  4. Choose a simple background and ensure there are no people behind you.
  5. Maintain the Vision Pro at eye level throughout the capture.
  6. When prompted to smile or perform expressions, do so naturally.
  7. Skip expressions you’re unable to perform by double-clicking the Digital Crown.
  8. Remove items like hats or earrings that may not be captured accurately.

As Apple continues to refine its visionOS platform, users can anticipate further advancements. Currently, the visionOS 1.1 Beta already enhances the accuracy and realism of Personas, elevating the overall experience of virtual interactions on the Vision Pro headset.

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