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Getting WiFi for Free with the Help of Instabridge App

Smartphones have dominated everyone’s life and have become an integral part of life. Using a mobile phone is not a big issue but everybody needs a good wifi connection or mobile data pack that allows the Internet to work accordingly. Mobile data packs are different for different SIM cards but they demand a lot of money, using which you can set a wifi router at your home. Therefore It is a time consuming process and requires end-to-end care.

In this article you will come across the app through which you can use the internet around you for free. Not just the internet but many additional benefits that “Instabridge” provides you.

There are many places that provide free wifi for 24/7 such as MC donalds, airports or malls. It is possible only when you are around them or inside the place. If you are far from the city, you will have to pay the money as wifi charges for every month. Wifi charges are rising to the sky every year. In the era of technology you cannot deny using the internet. 

As a result you will need the internet for some or the other purpose such as connecting, researching and to communicate around the globe. From students to parents, everyone fulfils their daily activities using the Internet. 

Hence the Internet is the most crucial part of mobile. Researchers have recently found that there are around 560 million internet users around the globe using the internet in daily circumstances.

Imagine a situation If you are somewhere new and there is no data pack in your mobile you’ll probably need to figure out the routes through google map. That needs the availability of the internet which can be made possible anywhere by opening the app “Instabridge” and connecting hotspots nearby FREE.

What If I tell you, that you can connect wifi available around you using an app? Yes, for free. Technically it can be made possible just after installing this app on your mobile. Not just free wifi, but this app also gives you access to unlocking VPN and binge watch shows. It gives you the count of available devices nearby to which you can connect and scroll down your feed.

With wifi this app allows you to use a free VPN for 1 hour after activating it. Now you can use VPN to binge watch anything or your own wishes.

Benefits of Using Instabridge

  • Instabridge can trace wifi at least 30 KM around you and allow your wifi to connect hotspots of nearby devices.
  • Instabridge gives you the option of blocking ads that allows you to browse freely without any time-consuming ads.
  • You can purchase a VPN through this app and redeem your points that make your internet connection ultra secure and fast at the same time.
  • This app provides you with offline maps where you can count and check the devices nearby to connect.
  • If you have many friends that seem like a gang, now you can share passwords with them too and enjoy browsing together.
  • You can redeem and earn Instabridge points now and enjoy many benefits.

How Can Instabridge Help You Get Free Internet? 

Instabridge app with its many features at one place now allows you to connect with devices nearby and enjoy browsing the internet for hours. This app is made secure with VPN once you activate it. It has got features to provide you with a count of devices around to connect and enjoy the internet. 

It is awkward to ask some stranger their wifi password while they may give you a curious stare. This app is designed to solve your problem and help you with connecting wifi to nearby devices easily on your way.


Nowadays many people don’t go for data packs as they charge very high for every MB and sometimes an extra “add on” recharge is required when MBs are finished. To avoid this hustle, now you can connect with devices nearby and enjoy many benefits around you. Besides wifi, you can binge watch any shows that have guidelines through this app using VPN. There are many rewards and points that allow you to enjoy uninterrupted browsing on the internet 

What are you waiting for? Install Instabridge and enjoy uninterrupted browsing for free.

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