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08 Easy Steps to Delete Your PhonePe Transaction History

Delete Your PhonePe Transaction History: Whenever we transact anything like bill payments, recharges, and money transfers through PhonePe all those transactions are automatically listed on the transaction history page. 

Transaction history is nothing but a record or ledger of every transaction within a given time. All transactions done by using PhonePe are three different kinds based on status, 

  • Completed Transactions: The transactions which are successful are known as completed transactions. 
  • Pending Transactions: The transactions which are under processing due to technical issues are known as pending transactions. These transactions may or may not be completed. These types of transactions fail by deducting money from your account. But don’t worry the deducted amount will be Credited to your account within a certain period of time. 
  • Failed Transactions: The transactions which fail due to connection interruption or  due to lack of bank servers. 

Due to some reasons most of the PhonePe users wanted to delete their PhonePe transaction history. Major reasons are, lack of space and other personal reasons. Before deleting your PhonePe transaction history let us know how this transaction history helps you. 

Transaction history on PhonePe is the evidence for your transactions like Amount sent, received, recharged, debited, or credited through PhonePe. 

History also helps in getting a clear idea about your money. It is important to keep PhonePe transaction history to trace your money at any time. But in some uncertain conditions you want to delete PhonePe transaction history. 

So, Here we are concerned about how to delete our PhonePe transaction history permanently. 

Steps to Delete Your PhonePe Transaction History

There are some important steps which help you in deleting PhonePe transaction history. 

Step 01: Login to your PhonePe account using login credentials.

Step 02: Proceed to the transaction history section which is present on the bottom right corner. 

Step 03: Select the history you wish to delete. And Confirm it, now opt the delete transaction button. (Note: this part is applicable for old version apps).

Step 04: For the new version, click on the “contact support” button.

Step 05: Next, type a message stating that you wish to delete your transaction history. For example: Hello sir, I want to hide or delete my transaction history due to some reason. 

Step 06: Send the text and create a new ticket for the request.

Step 07: The contact support team will read and verify the details and the Contact support team will give you the confirmation. 

Step 08: The system will automatically hide or delete the request from the page.

These are a few simple and important steps one must follow for deleting PhonePe transaction history safely and permanently. So, by following these steps we can avoid unusual problems in deleting PhonePe transaction history. 

Now that you are here why not check how to delete your phonepe account.

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