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Delete Your Groww Account in 8 Simple Steps – The Best Way

Delete Your Groww Account: Online investments and trading has greatly benefited many lives. There are many apps where you can invest your time and money and get fruitful results and one such app is the Groww app.

Having a Groww account and making money from it is pretty easy, but what if you lost your money after your investment? Yes! There is a high chance of losing your hard earned money because these types of investments are not certain to give you the returns expected.

It’s not necessary that you always gain profit from your investments. And if you face this more and more you may have a great loss which pushes you towards deleting your Groww account. 

If you are one of those people and need to delete your Groww account then you are at the right place. In this article we will give you a stepwise guide that will enable you to delete your Groww account but before that let’s look at the Groww app. 

What is Groww App?

As it is well known, the Groww app is a famous trading app which helps users to invest and trade through it. You can invest and trade in stocks as well as mutual funds in no time. It has a simple and user-friendly interface.

The app looks over the safety and security of the users and keeps the personal information and the transactions of the users safe. Though there may be a great range of advantages, if you have experienced any loss you may not feel good to continue using the app.

This is when you think of deleting your Groww account. Now, let’s look at the steps to delete a Groww account. Let’s begin!

How to Delete Your Groww Account

Users supply a lot of sensitive information when they create an account, including bank account and KYC data, which they may feel uncomfortable keeping with the app if they stop using it.

While a user may log out of their account using the app, there is no way to cancel their account immediately.

You can, however, contact the Groww app’s customer care staff. Your deletion request will be acknowledged and confirmed after it has been acknowledged and confirmed. Groww’s customer service staff will terminate your account forever.

Here are the few simple steps following which you can easily delete your Groww account.

Step 01: Log in to your Groww account on your mobile.

Step 02: Keep scrolling down and go to your profile presented as You in the account.

Step 03: After reaching your profile scroll more till you find Help and Support.

Step 04: Tap on my account.

Step 05: Here you need to search “I need to close or delete my groww account” and tap on it.

Step 06: Your form will get downloaded.

Step 07: Now in the downloaded form you have to enter the client ID and the reason for closing or deleting your account.

Step 08: After filling all the information properly submit it to the broker head office on the specified address.

Here ends the steps to delete your Groww account.

Wrapping Up

In this article we have specified all the steps with the help of which you can delete your Groww account. Using the above mentioned steps you can close your Groww account anytime and anywhere. 

We hope you got what you were searching for here in this post. We hope you are totally satisfied with the content and are gonna implement the steps if you need to.

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