Friday, April 12, 2024

Apple released the AI image generation tool called MGIE

Apple releases the AI image-generating tool MGIE, albeit far from a finished product. MGIE, which stands for multimodal large language models-guided image editing, is currently available on GitHub and there’s a PDF project paper with instructions.

The AI image-generating tool made by Apple lets you make edits by describing them / MGIE, or MLLM-Guided Image Editing, will crop photos and brighten specific areas of a photo.

Apple researchers released this model to make it easy for users to describe in plain language what they want to change in a photo without ever touching photo editing software. The AI image generation tool MGIE made by Apple uses text instructions to change and edit images. 

It can perform basic image editing functions, such as adjusting the white balance and boosting contrast or brightness. However, it can also attempt to understand more intricate commands.

MGIE is just the first step in Apple’s generative AI journey so far. It’s not likely to make an appearance on any of Apple’s current devices, but it’s likely a sign of things to come.

The AI image generation tool MGIE which Apple worked on with the University of California, Santa Barbara, can crop, resize, flip, add filters to images, autofill image borders, change the subject’s hair, eyes, and clothes, and remove objects all through text prompts. 

Apple’s AI generative tool MGIE/MLLM-Guided Image Editing can be applied to simple and more complex image editing tasks like modifying specific objects in a photo to make them a different shape or come off brighter. Two distinct applications of multimodal language models are combined in the model. It starts by learning how to interpret user commands. After that, it “imagines” what the edit might appear like.

Apple made MGIE an AI image generation tool available through GitHub for download, but it also released a web demo on Hugging Face Spaces, reports VentureBeat. Beyond research, the company did not specify what its plans are for the model.

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