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Deactivation of Airtel Broadband Connection – Both Permanently and Temporarily

Deactivation of Airtel Broadband Connection – Both Permanently and Temporarily

Airtel is India’s most trusted and valuable brand and a largest telecom service provider for customers and business. Customers may choose from a variety of recharge programmes that are available on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. 

Apart from delivering all of these services, they’re well-known for offering fantastic broadband deals to their clients for a limited time. Although it’s likely that customers may be willing to deactivate their broadband service at times either temporarily or permanently, if they were receiving large bills at the end of the month.

As you know, Bharti Airtel Limited also known as Airtel is the second largest mobile network operator in India and the third largest mobile network provider in the world.

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In this article you can learn how to deactivate your account permanently but if the budget is tight and also not willing to deactivate your broadband connection permanently you can go with temporary deactivation, which will save your money and plan.

How to Terminate or Deactivate Airtel Broadband Connection Permanently 

You can deactivate your airtel broadband connection permanently just following any of the three methods mentioned below. Here you go!

Three ways to get your broadband connection deactivated permanently;

  • Visit nearby Airtel Store
  • Email to the Customer Care 
  • Contact Customer Care through a phone call

#01. Visit nearby Airtel Store 

Walk in the to the airtel store near your residence and ask about the deactivation of your broadband connection through offline mode, then follow the steps described below;

Step 01: As said, visit your nearby airtel store.

Step 02: Ask the particulars required for deactivation of “Airtel Broadband Connection” from the owner of the store or else the service provider in that store.

Step 03: Once you’ve got all the details in mind, proceed forward by submitting your deactivation or termination request for your “Airtel Broadband Connection”.

Step 04: After submission of the request plea, do collect your request number from the store.

Step 05: Done, the connection will get deactivated within the next three working days. 

Step 06: You’ll receive a phone call from the customer care executive to confirm that your connection has been deactivated or not.

#02: Email to the Customer Care

You can submit your deactivation request via email by following the below steps;

Step 01: Send your deactivation request to [email protected].

Step 02: Within the next three working days your account will be deactivated. 

Step 03: If not disconnected yet! Visit your nearby airtel store. 

#03. Contact Customer Care through a phone call

The third way to disconnect your broadband connection is calling the customer care executive. Follow the steps;

Step 01: Dial 121 in order to contact customer care and submit your request for termination or deactivation.

Step 02: If not worked or any issues regarding deactivation through a call then you can also contact any Airtel Broadband Service nearby.

Step 03: As usual, it will take three working days for deactivation. 

How to Terminate or Deactivate Airtel Broadband Connection Temporarily

Airtel offers temporary deactivation of the broadband connection via the ‘Safe Custody Mode’ and made available to the customers in two options. 

Option 01 Option 02
Price: ₹200+ taxes per month Price: ₹500+ taxes per month
Safe custody is auto-renewed at a particular time and here, you need to ask the authorities to deactivate it. Safe custody won’t get auto-renewed and the connection will remain inactive  for 3 months consecutively. 


Here are the two possible ways;

  • Through a Call 
  • Through Airtel Thanks App by airtel 

#01. Through a Call

You can also deactivate your connection temporarily via call to the customer care executive. Here you go!

Step 01: Just dial 121 and ask them to activate any one of the particular options which come under safe custody for the purpose of temporarily deactivating the broadband connection.

Step 02: Within the span of next 4 hours, your broadband connection will get deactivated on a temporary basis. Bill’s will be sent to you on a monthly basis for the days until which you were using the broadband connection.

#02. Through Airtel Thanks App

Follow the below steps to get your connection deactivated one temporary basis. 

Step 01: Firstly, download the “Airtel Thanks App” from the play store or App store.

Step 02: Open the application and choose the specific landline connection from the available options which you want to deactivate.

Step 03: Click on “Manage Services”.

Step 04: Click on Activate/Deactivate safe custody which is said to be Temporary Suspension of Broadband Connection. 

Step 05: Do select the button, beside the ‘Safe Custody’ for temporarily deactivating your broadband connection.

Step 06: Do click on “Activate” for deactivation of broadband connection temporarily via safe custody mode.

Step 07: You’ll receive a confirmation message or else an email from airtel that “your broadband connection will get deactivated on a temporary basis”. 

Summing Up 

Well! Hope you got this article helpful. From the past years it is well notable that the recharge packs, broadband connection and many more became unaffordable to most of the customers because of increased demand due to covid pandemic cause all were working from home. Thereby most of the customers backing their steps to deactivate their account. 

If you have any queries please don’t forget to ask us in the comment section below and please let us inform you regarding new updates!

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