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4 Best Ways to Find the AirPods Serial Number 

Apple users have different Apple product identities and AirPods Serial Number is one among them. But not able to find the AirPods Serial Number? No worries, we will let you know How to find the AirPods Serial Number. 

It’s good to remember your AirPods Serial Number as it is useful when you need to replace it. Sometimes you might get a defected piece or get some beak down. At that time you need your AirPods Serial number to get the problem solved. 

If you don’t know your Airpods serial number you can get them at four different places which are discussed in this post. Continue reading to know more about How to Find AirPods Serial Number.

What’s the Need to Find Airpods Serial Number?

Airpods serial numbers are unique to everyone and hence knowing your own airpods serial number has a few benefits. 

Serial number of any Apple product helps you know whether the product you have got is brand new or a used one. How? You can check your device’s, it may be an airpod or any other device’s coverage status. This will help you know if your airpod is previously registered or not if yes then the airpods you are using are not the new one.

The serial number helps you replace the damaged product soon and also helps to locate it if it gets missed somewhere. Hence it’s beneficial that you know the serial number of your airpods.

4 Best Ways to Find the AirPods Serial Number 

There are four places where you can easily find the serial number of your airpods. Let’s discuss all the ways one by one and bring your airpods serial number to your notice. 

1. Find Your Airpods Serial Number on your AirPods itself

In case you are using second generation airpods or AirPods pro then you can find the serial number on AirPods itself. The serial numbers you find here are just unique and there will be no other AirPods with the same serial number.

Those who are using AirPods Max can also find the serial number on AirPods itself. But the users should disconnect the left magnetic ear in order to know the serial number.

2. Find Your AirPods Serial Number on its Charging Case

Every airpod comes with its particular charging case. This is to keep on charging your airpods whenever its battery is low and enjoy the whole day without any interruption. 

For most of the Apple devices you won’t find the serial number printed on the device. It has removed this printing option. But thankfully, it’s still live with AirPods and you can find the serial number on the charging case. Just open the charging case and inside the lid you can find the serial number of your Airpods. 

3. Find Your AirPods Serial Number on your iPad or iPhone

If you don’t want to get your serial number from other sources then you can find it from your iPhone or iPad itself. Here are a few steps using which you can find the serial number of your airpods. 

Step 1: Connect your AirPods to your device

Firstly, you need to connect your AirPods with your iPhone or iPad. This can be done by enabling Bluetooth on your iPhone or iPad. Then only you can find the serial number of your Airpods using your iPhone or iPad otherwise you should opt for other ways.

Step 2: Head on to Settings

When you successfully connect the airpods to your iPhone or iPad click on the settings icon on your device. This opens the settings page. In the settings menu search for the “General” option. Click on it. Later in the general menu you will find a lot of options click on the “About” option.

Step 3: Tap on AirPods 

Now, in the About menu you can see the AirPods option at the bottom. Click on the AirPods option. Sometimes this may show some error. Don’t worry, it may be due to poor connection between the airpods and your iPhone or iPad. So check it properly and continue the process. 

That’s it, here you will find your AirPods Serial number. You can find an option to copy the serial number to clipboard instead you can remember the serial number by noting it down somewhere. 

4. Find the Serial Number of AirPods on Original Packing

This can be useful for those who have newly bought the AirPods or for those who still have the original pack with them. On the original packing box you will find a barcode. Beside the barcode you will find a number which is nothing but the Serial number of your Airpods. Just refer to that number and keep it safe with you by writing down the serial number safely.


For the versions older to iOS 14 or iPadOS14 you can find the serial number using your device’s settings or any other ways too. But if you are using the latest version I.e, 2nd or 3rd generation AirPods then you no need to search for it more. As you can easily find the serial number on the Airpods itself or even on the charging case. 

As you have good benefits with the serial number of your Airpods it’s better you find them out faster. Make use of our guide and know the serial number of your Airpods as soon as possible. Be with us for more similar posts!

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