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YouTube May Have Misinformation Blind Spots: Said By Researchers

YouTube made an aggressive effort which confronts misinformation, developed blindspots on the Google owned platform. Despite the midterm elections, watch dogs are concerned about the thing which was described as an aggressive effort by YouTube. This confronts misinformation on the Google-owned platform which has developed blind spots.

They are typically worried about the services provided by YouTube’s Tiktok for offering very short videos. They are also worried about the Spanish-language videos of the platform. In interviews with the New York Times, many researchers said that this situation is very unClear and difficult to understand. The main reason behind this is, there is limited access to the data. The work of video examination is time intensive.

YouTube reaches more than 2 billion people and is considered as the second most popular search engine on the web. As there is broad influence for the video platform, YouTube has drained down to the radar and close scrutiny of facebook and twitter occured for misinformation. 

In the time of the 2020 presidential elections, YouTube almost banned many videos which spread fraud widely. But there was no establishment of any comparable policies for midterm elections by YouTube. This particular move prompted criticism from watch dogs. 

Ivy Choi, a spokesperson from YouTube gave a statement that they have heavily invested their policies and systems to make sure that they are successfully combating election-related misinformation with a multilayered approach.  He also said that the company disagreed with some of the criticism of its work fighting misinformation. 

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YouTube also removed many videos that the Times flagged for violating its policies on the integrity of election and spam. It also determined that they did not violate its policies with the other content. YouTub almost removed 122,000 videos from April to June which have misinformation.

YouTube committed to spend $15 million for hiring more than 100 additional content moderators. This helps with both the midterm and presidential elections in Brazil. Around the world, the company has more than 10,000 moderators.

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