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Apple Water Bottle That Price 4600 In India. Must Know Its Features

Along with the smartphones, smartwatches Apple is now bringing the smart water bottles too. It may sound different and exciting to have a smart water bottle. But what does Apple’s smart water bottle do? There are a few best features that make Apple’s smart water bottle very useful to the people especially in these hectic summer days.

Previously Apple was known for its innovation on smartwatches, smartphones like iPhone, digital cameras etc. But now it has tried something different, which is nothing but a water bottle with all the smart techniques and features. To know what exactly Apple’s smart water bottle is? and what’s different about it? Go ahead with our article till the end.

What’s special in Apple’s smart water bottle?

Let us look at Apple’s smart water bottle and what makes it different from other water bottles. 

Unlike our normal water bottles, Apple’s smart water bottle keeps a check on the amount of water intake by a person. It helps in keeping a person hydrated all day long. This water bottle is available in 2 forms, HidrateSpark pro and HidrateSpark pro STEEL. 

The cost of the bottle is a little high I.e, 4,600 rupees but the advantages it provides are just unbelievable. It keeps your water cool all day long hence is very beneficial in this hot summer. Apart from this, the smart watch also alerts you about the volume of water you drink and asks you to have more water in case you do not meet the daily target.

The bottle has sensors in the bottom that always measures the water intake and encourages you to have more water. It can be easily charged completely within just 2.5 hours and the charge lasts for a period of 14 days. Hence you need not to worry much about the battery.

If you have an iPhone you can connect your mobile to Apple’s smart water bottle which then keeps on reminding you to drink water from time to time. With this the water bottle can help a lot of people stay healthy and hydrated.


Apple’s smart water bottle is a type of gadget that is made to look after one’s health which mostly depends upon the amount of fluids, especially water, we take. It may cost you high but the advantages it provides are above all. This smart water bottle will definitely make you have a sufficient amount of water daily with its reminders. 

Hope this post was useful to you and you would think about the smart water bottle once. If you have anything to ask you are always welcome. Let’s lead a healthy life by drinking a sufficient amount of water!

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