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YouTube Shorts Fund is Live Now! Here’s Something You Need to Know

Earlier in the year, YouTube revealed its ambitions, with the creation of a $100 million YouTube Shorts fund, to make substantial investments in original creative content for its competitor Tik Tok. During 2021 to 2022, the Fund will reward creators for their most engaging and widely seen short film with the aim of rapidly scaling creative activity to better oppose TikTok on YouTube’s upcoming short form Video Platform, Shorts. YouTube today announced the official opening of the fund and in August it will start receiving its first payments.

YouTube will pay designers up to $10,000 a month on YouTube Shorts, the most popular video in TikTok. In the next year, the business is planning to pay $100 million, with the first payment this month.

The fund can provide artists with a lot of cash, but payments are not guaranteed. The popularity to earn money depends on the monthly number of individuals who make and view shorts and rewards also rely on where the audience of each producer is situated.

Creators have historically been compensated on YouTube based on advertising running in front of their videos, where the quantity of ad views and money they earn are directly related. But with Shorts, YouTube doesn’t want to broadcast an ad on each fast clip, so this alternative payment mechanism is developed for artists.

How to Qualify for Short Fund Payment?

To qualify for short fund payments, in the past 180 days, a minimum of one qualifying short must have been posted by channels. They must also comply with the Community Guidelines, copyright and monetization regulations on YouTube. In addition, creators must have 13 or more years of age in the US and must accept programme rules and the connection to an active Google AdSense account for bonus payment receipt. In this case, creators must have the “age of majority” in their nation and area.

Which Countries are Officially Accessible in the YouTube Shorts Fund?










South Africa

Some Exciting Features You Must Try with Shorts if you are a YouTuber

Here’s a list of some of the extraordinary features you can try,

  1. Captions will be added to your Short automatically.
  2. With the Shorts camera, you can record up to 60 seconds.
  3. To your recordings made with the Shorts camera, you can add clips from your phone’s gallery.
  4. Color fix your Shorts with basic filters, with more effects to come in the future.

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