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Will Anyone be interested in iPhone 15 ?

The iPhone 15 is due to be launched in September, but right now, there’s not a lot of hype around its arrival. While you might expect Apple to be concerned, it turns out they dont have much to worry about. So, will anyone be interested in iPhone 15?

While there isn’t a lot of hype around the upcoming iPhone 15, and sales have recently declined, Apple got its highest-ever share of the smartphone business in May. The company also said there are new sales records in emerging markets such as India, Indonesia, and Turkey, as its installed user base is at an all-time high. Apple has achieved this by increasing its revenue from every iPhone user and the average revenue per unit sold.

In previous years there was considerable interest in the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. Though the uptake was a bit slow on the iPhone 14 Plus, there was a considerably good reception for the whole line. Users liked the outstanding cameras, phenomenal display, and Dynamic Island, and buyers enjoyed the added peace of mind by investing in Emergency SOS and Apple Watch Ultra.

But the current economic situation will make Apple’s efforts less effective. Rising energy prices, ever-fluctuating interest rates, and other exploding monetary obligations curb Apple users’ ability to invest in Apple devices. Apple strives to restore confidence by making successful investments in growing economies to replace the ones left behind.

So what can Apple do to increase interest in the iPhone 15 series? Apple will clearly distinguish between the standard iPhones and Pro models. You will need to invest in the higher-end Pro models to get the 3nm A17 processors, which will deliver better performance, better battery life, and more advanced photography features. But it will cost an additional $200  to get iPhone 15  Pro models. These higher-quality videos recorded using Spatial Video Recording on the iPhone 15 Pro Max will increase the content created for payback on Apple’s popular mixed reality goggles. As Apple tends to do, the standard iPhone 15 will also get many pro features over time.

Apple needs to rely on its new devices to generate enough enthusiasm, ensuring that iPhone users continue to desire upgrades while simultaneously attracting a growing number of individuals who switch from Android. The biggest contender to Apple seems to be the new breed of folding phones, which won’t be adopted until it proves that they are as resilient as an iPhone. Apple itself likely won’t release a foldable phone before 2025.

While there is a decline in interest in the iPhone 15, we must not put it past Apple to surprise us all and come back stronger than ever before.

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