Thursday, April 11, 2024

iPhone 15 Ultra Costs More Than iPhone 14 Pro Max!

Apple is on its way to release its new iPhone model sooner. But there’s something shocking about it! The new iPhone 15 Ultra is going to cost you more when compared to the iPhone 14 which is on verge in today’s market, as per the leaks.

Though the cost is higher, the new iPhone 15 Ultra is more the features it provides keeps the value. It’s believed that the new iPhone release will replace the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Well, it’s just a rumor about the price of the new iPhone 15 Ultra will cost more than the iPhone 14 Pro Max but if it turns out to be true, then there will be a great confusion in the users to be happy for the features it provides or to be tensed for the cost. 

The new iPhone 15 Ultra comes with the first dual selfie camera in the iPhone family as per the leaks. Reported by Forbes, unlike the iPhone 14 Pro Max which is made of stainless steel material the new iPhone 15 Ultra is made of titanium chassis which is almost 35 times costlier.

When it comes to the features that the new iPhone offers a box of exciting features. The dedicated lighting port is replaced on the side of the USB-C port. The new iPhone 15 model is believed to come with a periscope telephoto camera. It’s also expected that the new iPhone 15 Ultra along with the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 series put forward a new Chipset A17 Bionic.

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Everything along with the price of the new iPhone 15 Ultra is just estimated or expected data. There are no specific proofs or confirmation about the complete data on the new iPhone release. Hope Apple reveals the complete and confirmed information about the iPhone 15 Ultra within a close time. Till then, just cast doubt upon the info and just go with the flow.

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