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How to Know Who Used Your Mobile, When You Were Not Around?

Privacy is the only thing which concerns us whenever we use any mobile or any other similar devices. I mean come on, who doesn’t need privacy? But what if someone is intruding your privacy when you are not around your device?

As there are many possible situations which may lead someone to stalk your mobile and intrude your privacy, especially if you are a girl. I am sure that you would have definitely thought about protecting your privacy or private information, at least once in your life (if not you definitely will).

So, how are you going to protect it? Fear not! The application which is mentioned here will help you with the same, and not only that it will also let you know who used or touched your mobile and tried to intrude your privacy.

Now, without any delay let’s get started,

Best Way to Know Who Touched or Used Your Mobile, When You Were Not Around

As said there may be many situations when someone will try to intrude your privacy, and stalk you to get your data. This might be your sister or brother, girlfriend or boyfriend, or whoever it might be, protecting your private information is a must and at the same time it is also important to know who tried to steal your private info.

For this purpose there is a wonderful app available for all mobile users (for both iOS and Android users). And the app’s name is WTMP which is offered by MidnightDev. This is my personal opinion that using WTMP is the best way to know who touched your mobile.

The performance of the app is just like an apple pie, smooth and great. There are many notable things this app can do,

  • It will give you the image of the person who touched the mobile, that too with accurate time.
  • It also tells you the actions that particular person performed on your device, like which app he/she opened and used.
  • This even saves the information in an excel sheet and you can even download it whenever you need.

So, how does this work? It’s pretty simple as we all know every mobile has a front camera nowadays. Thus, this app takes a snap or video of the person via the front camera, and stores them in it’s time sheet.

The app even stores the information of which app is opened and for how much time it is used, so that you can understand what that particular person tried to do on your device.

Installation and Setup of ‘WTMP Who Touched My Phone’ Application

WTMP is available for both Android and iOS users, just press the download options below and install the app, same as you do with all the other apps on Play Store and App Store respectively.


Step 01: After you have installed the app, open the app.

Step 02: Now go through all the permissions it asks, and accept them (usually camera and administrator permissions).

Step 03: And it’s done, come out of the app, it will be running in the background.

The only thing that concerns me about this app is, it will consume more battery as it is operating in the background. But, you can get rid of this issue by turning it off whenever you are not in need, and this can be done by pressing the big switch icon shown on the main screen.

Wrapping Up

Mobile is an essential part of our lives that we carry with us at all times. And these hold a plethora of personal information, such as photographs, texts, and even financial information. Thus, having an extra layer of security to our mobiles is always worth it!

As the WTMP is a security app which helps you to have a track on the people who touched your mobile, this can help you add that extra security! As said, no one can be believed these days.

It’s my strong recommendation to use this app and save yourself, as no one knows when your phone may get into an intruder’s hands.

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