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Valentine’s Day Special: WhatsApp Hacks to Impress your Valentine

I know you’re the one searching for the best WhatsApp hacks to impress your Valentine. Do not miss any chance to make her feel happy with these amazing WhatsApp hacks. WhatsApp has many features that are very beneficial to make your Valentine feel happy. In WhatsApp, there is an amazing feature which allows you to express yourself with a digital avatar. These are customisable and it represents who you really are.

Nowadays, everyone is living in a digital world and all use digital mediums to express their feelings and emotions to their valentine. As Valentine’s Day is coming soon, the most popular instant messaging app for chatting, WhatsApp, has shared a few features which will only make communicating with the other person even better, but it will also make him/her feel special. Let us quickly have a glance at these features.

Here is a list of a few amazing WhatsApp hacks to impress your Valentine.

Pin the Chat

This option makes you to never miss any chat with your valentine and it will really make them feel special. This will make them a priority by just pinning their chat at the top of your WhatsApp chat list. 

iPhone users can do it just by swiping right and by tapping on the pin. Android users are required to tap and hold the chat of that particular person and select the pin. 

Using Emojis to Express Feelings

You can express your emotions with your partner not only in words but also with emojis. You can just pay attention to the person you admire by just acknowledging their message by reacting with an emoji. Reacting to their messages is quite easy, all you just need is to long-press to react to it.

Customised Digital Avatar

WhatsApp allows the users to express themselves with a customised digital avatar. These avatars are customisable and they represent who they really are. 

WhatsApp Status

By uploading WhatsApp Status, you can express your emotions and feelings. There are various options to make your valentine feel special on every occasion. This allows you to share photos, videos, texts, photos, GIFs, and many more. This Status will disappear after 24 hours. You can also hide your private status by setting status privacy. There you can choose who can view your status and also who are to be hidden.

Voice Messages

By using voice messages, distance will no longer be felt even if you’re far away with your loved ones. You can just send a voice note to your partner, so that they can hear your voice even if you’re far away.

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Custom Notification Tone

This option can be used to know when someone special is calling. You can set this custom notification tone by clicking on their contact info and changing the Alert Tone from Wallpaper and Sound options.

Live Location

Have you planned to meet your date at the mall and now can’t find each other? In this case, you can share live locations in real-time for a particular period of time to help them find you. This feature is accessible on attachment of that individual chat.


To take opinions from your friends on what gift to purchase for someone you like? You can use this polling feature to get your most trusted friends to weigh in.

Wrapping Up

To impress your valentine or partner on this valentine, know about the hacks present on WhatsApp. Go through the above post to know in detail about the hacks of WhatsApp. Never miss any chance to make him/her feel happy.

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