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How to Use Cred Coins: 6 Simple Steps to Follow

Ever expected profits from your credit card bill payments? If not, change your mind right now! Cred coins help you pay your credit card bills with no stress. What are these Cred Coins and How to use Cred Coins? Here’s the thing you must know.

You may face some situations where you do not have enough bank balance to pay the bills. Thankfully we have a credit card using which we can pay the dues. But it’s not your money so you must return it to the bank. Here to pay the credit card bills you can switch to Cred App that gives you Cred Coins on each credit card payment. This post helps you understand how to use cred coins in a few basic steps.

What are Cred Coins?

Cred coins are the coins you get from the Cred app. Whenever you pay the Credit card bills using Cred app you will be gifted some coins. The amount you pay is the same you get in the form of coins.

What can you do with these Cred coins? Well, it has many uses! When you get these Cred coins you can use them for online shopping as it gives you a good discount on your favorite products. If you are still unaware of this then hurry up and get the rewards as soon as possible.

The thing to remember is Cred app and Cred coins can’t be used by everyone. People having a credit score more than 750 are only eligible to get the benefits of Cred app. So make sure you have a credit score of 750 and above.

How to Use Cred Coins?

Now, we know what Cred coins are. But how to use them? It’s our major concern. No worries, we are here to help you out. Here are the basic and simple steps that take you to the world of stunning Cred rewards.

Step 01: Download CRED App

If you have the Cred app already downloaded then you can skip this part. If not, go to the play store and download the Cred app. 

Step 02: Click club option

Open the app where you can find the club option. Click on it. Later on scrolling you can see a list of online shopping sites like flipkart, amazon, myntra and many more. Select your desired site.

Step 03: Head on to Pop up option

After selecting your desired site you will get a pop up option swipe down. Here on you can proceed to use the coins on any desired e-commerce website. Using 3000 Cred coins will get you a discount of 10 to 15 percent. 

Step 04: Go to your winnings

On your application you can find an option called your winnings. Open it where you will find your voucher code. Just copy the code.

Step 05: Buy the product using the link you get

After copying the code, tap the detail option available there. Then, click the know more option. This provides you a link using which you need to buy any product you like.

Step 06: Click on Apply coupon

After selecting the product and before making the payment tap the apply coupon option. Here you need to paste the voucher code you have copied earlier. That’s it, you can go ahead with other order details like address etc.

That’s it! Using Cred coins is as simple as that. Just go ahead with the above mentioned six steps and look forward for lovely rewards.

Benefits of Cred coins

You may be thinking what benefits you are going to get using these Cred coins. Well, there are huge benefits. Let’s get clear about these benefits. 

Cred coins can be majorly used for shopping, travel, getting cashbacks etc. The Cred coins have huge benefits in shopping from flipkart and myntra. In flipkart you just need to go to the club, copy the voucher code and paste it in the apply coupon option. All these steps are mentioned above.

In case you need to use the Cred Coins in myntra there’s a bit different process to do. Here you need to burn the Cred coins. It’s nothing but converting the coins into cash just by clicking the burn option. It helps you get cashback on your orders on myntra. Burn the coins then visit the club in the app. Later go to Myntra Mystery Banner where you can get good cashback offers on your purchases.

You can also get attractive travel packages using the Cred coins. Apart from using the Cred coins you can convert the coins into cash. This cash will be added to your credit card which you can use to pay the credit card bills.

Winding up

Cred coins are really very useful to get amazing offers while shopping online. Getting the coins on every credit card bill payment is such a bonus to credit card users. If you are one of them then our post on How to use Cred Coins must be very much useful to you.

Start using the Cred app and enjoy the benefits of Cred coins on each credit card bill payment. Any suggestions for us? Drop them in our comment section without any delay.

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