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Best Way to Change Your Android Device to iPhone – 4 Easy Steps to Follow

Many people love iPhone but they don’t have enough money or assets to buy one. Thus, we brought you a way with which you can change your android device to iPhone.

This post has complete info about changing your Android phone to iPhone, this doesn’t mean that your phone will be exchanged with iPhone. Of Course you need some bucks to buy an iPhone.

Anyways, the software or app which I have here will help you change your android phone’s home screen to just look like an iPhone.

So, let’s know the best app which can help you do this.

Best App for Changing Your Android Device to iPhone

Although there are many apps to do this, I believe that the Phone 13 Launcher, OS 15 is the best one to convert your android device to iPhone.

Using this app is very simple and easy, and it will give almost all features of an iOS device. You can get this app from the Play Store at any time.

How to Install Phone 13 Launcher, OS 15?

As said this is available on Play Store, so you just need to search for this particular app in the Play Store and hit that install button. After this is done you just need to launch the app from your home screen.

You can also install the app by clicking on the download button below.


How to Convert Android Device into iPhone Using Phone 13 Launcher, OS 15?

After installing the app you just need to launch the app, and follow the below steps to make your android mobile look like an iPhone.

Step 01: Once the app is opened, just click press on ‘OK’ for the Display Over Other Apps option.

This will take you to your settings there you need to Toggle on the feature for Phone 13 Launcher.

Step 02: Now press on ‘OK, Enable’ button to give access to the notifications.

Step 03: Once this is done, just wait for the app to launch.

Step 04: Now click or swipe for the features you wish for.

On screen instructions are provided with which you can easily understand how to use this Phone Launcher 13 with ease.

That’s it this should change your android mobile just like iPhone, and it has almost all features that an iPhone has.

Note: Do not forget to make Phone Launcher 13 as a default program. You can do this from the Settings and change Phone Launcher 13 as default.

What Features Does this Offer?

As said it makes your device as iPhone, it will give almost all the possible features that an iPhone have, and you can always use them just as in iPhone all the properties of your device will also change, and everything looks like iPhone.

Here are some major features to try out:

Favorite contact listing.

Weather forecast.

iPhone smart toggle.

Swiping features of iPhone.

You can also watch the below YouTube video to understand and make use of it in a better way. (Video link for embedding)

And that’s it! This is how you can easily convert your android to iPhone and you need not worry about the security and privacy. The app definitely offers utmost privacy and security for users.

Hope you will try this out. If you did this please let me know your experience in the comments section below.

If you need any help with the same, you can drop an email or comment it down. Me and my team are looking forward to help you out with all our will, and we aim to respond ASAP!

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