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Swipe or Scroll Tik Tok Automatically Using Auto next video TT

Tired scrolling tik tok manually? Isn’t it awful to have something that swipes or scrolls your tik tok videos automatically? Here’s an interesting app that fits your needs! The Auto next video TT comes with an amazing feature of automatically scrolling your tik tok videos.

This online world has brought a handful of apps with different uses. Tik tok is one among them. The app has a lot of users scrolling all day and night to watch videos of their interest. But scrolling videos everything could be hectic. How about auto scrolling once the previous video is viewed? Sounds interesting right! The Auto next video TT can be the best one to try out. What are you still thinking about? Learn how to set up the app and get it on your device soon.

How to Set Up the Auto next video TT App?

It’s so simple to set up the Auto next video TT on your device and automatically scroll your tik tok videos. Follow the steps mentioned below and get the thing you are searching for.

Step 1: Install the Auto next video TT App

Firstly, visit the Google play store on your device search for the Auto next video TT App in the search bar. When you find the app click on the install option to get the app on your device. After the app is installed successfully open it.

Step 2: Allow App Permissions 

When you open the Auto next video TT App you will be asked mainly two permissions. These include appear on top and accessibility permissions. You can use the app only when you allow the two permissions.

Firstly, click on the appear on top option and then allow. Now again visit the app and allow the other permission. For this click on the accessibility settings, here you can see an option called installed services. Click on the installed services. Later, activate the auto next tik tok.

Step 3: Set the Required Time

Now, after allowing all the permissions open the app again. Now you can find the tab where you can set the time after which your screen must be scrolled automatically. Set the time and click on the start option.

Step 4: Open the Tik Tok App

After you complete the time set up in the Auto next video TT App open the tik top app on your device. The auto scroll option will be visible on the screen itself when you open the tik tok app. Click on the start option. This starts Auto scrolling your tik tok videos at the time you have set up.


If you want to remove the auto scrolling feature go to the auto next video TT App again and disable auto scrolling. Isn’t it simple? Hope you are going to give a try to this auto scrolling app and enjoy hands free scrolling of your favourite tik tok videos.

Final Note

Tik tok is such an interesting app that gives a lot of entertainment. You might be doing some work and want to enjoy the tik tok videos at the same time, then you can’t be scrolling the videos all the time as it feels hectic. This is why you can opt the Auto next video TT App. Now enjoy the tik tok videos by auto scrolling using the app.

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