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Find My Phone: How to Locate Your Lost Smartphone

Have you lost or misplaced your smartphone? Searching for the applications to trace your device? Then, this is a post you must definitely go through. Find My Device is a tool that helps you to find, lock or erase your lost device. This requires connection with GPS.

Find My Device, a Google developed tool which will help you to locate your smartphone or tablet by linking it to GPS. You can trace your lost or stolen device by tracking the device location which was previously linked through GPS.

Find My Device application provides you extra security and most of the users are thankful to the fact that they can always be aware of their lost or stolen device and even if they can’t get it back, then users can restore it remotely to factory settings. So that no one can get access to the user’s private information.

There is another useful feature included in Find My Device  which makes your phone ring nonstop. This could be really helpful if your device is misplaced around your office or home.

Find My Device is the perfect application to find your device, wherever it is and especially to protect your private data and other files. Find My Device is a new and improved Android Device Manager. This is a free Utility tool and Android Device Manager which is now available in a new version. This application has been renamed as Find My Device. 

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This software tool or application helps you in finding your lost Android device, to perform a host with other security functions and also to clear lost phone data remotely. This program is now available as a web-app. 

Interface of Find My Device App

Find my Device application has purposely come out with an easy, simple to use interface which navigates all the possible complications. To use the application, users must link their Google account with their devices. This results in fetching which would start automatically.

As all Google products don’t require different account credentials, users are beneficial by having one account for all the products. This application would display all the devices which are connected currently. It makes it a little bit easier to manage them all. If any of the connected devices are misplaced, all you need is to simply select the particular device from the list, and keep continuing the tracking procedure. This could be done by the application, Find My Device.


All Round Security Provided by Find My Device App

Keeping aside finding your lost or stolen device, Find my Device application helps you in resetting your screen lock, and also helps you in clearing all your phone data. People who are habituated to forget their device’s lock pattern would find a handy solution to reset the screen lock feature. If you are looking for any other free alternatives, you may require to download Prey Anti-Theft and Lookout Security & Antivirus as well. 

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