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3 Best Ways to Get Diamonds in Free Fire

Free Fire is actually known as Garena Free Fire and it was the most downloaded and played mobile game in 2019. It is just like the PUBG game, but Free Fire has simpler graphics and device optimization.

And as we know every game these days offers in-game currency, so does free fire. And this in-game currency is called Diamonds (Free Fire Diamonds). So, is it necessary to get Diamonds in free fire? For this, let’s have a look on how these Diamonds are useful in game.

Diamonds are in-game currency used to purchase items like Elite Pass, characters, pets, costumes, guns, and vehicle skins and other items from the in-game store to improve game skills. 

Now we came to know the uses of Diamonds in Free Fire. Next immediately our doubt is how to get and where to get these Diamonds? 

How to Get Diamonds in Free Fire

Many of the Free Fire players have this question in their mind, the solution for your problem is readily available here. There are two ways to get Diamonds in Free Fire, 

  1. Getting Diamonds for free
  2. By buying with money or top up

And there is a bonus at last, so pay attention!

1 Apps to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire

Most of the Free fire players are students and youngsters thus they are unable to spend money for getting Diamonds in Free Fire. So they always look around to get these diamonds free of cost. And if you are someone who is looking for the same, here’s how to get Free Fire Diamonds for free.

Getting Diamonds via Apps

In the play store there are some kind apps which help in getting Diamonds for free in Free Fire, we have to download those apps and follow the given steps to earn free Diamonds. Example of such an app is Booyah! App.

Booyah! App is created by Garena, and it is a content sharing app in Free Fire. We have to participate in Free Fire events and competitions that the app hosts. By following this we can get Diamonds in Free Fire for free.

Similarly there are some other apps like,  

Google Opinion Rewards app: This is the easiest way to earn free diamonds in Free Fire.

Poll Pay App: In this app we have to complete some tasks and need to solve some quizzes for earning Diamonds for free.

Easy Rewards App: It is a paid app. In this we have to participate in surveys and quizzes for earning Google Play balance to use it on Free Fire to get diamonds.

These are only some of the ways to get Diamonds in Free Fire for free of cost, there are many other ways for this, and you can always search for them on the internet. 

Now let us know about how to buy Diamonds in Free Fire

2 Buying Diamonds in Free Fire with Money or Top up

This is one of the quickest ways to get diamonds in Free Fire. You can buy them at different places.

  1. Buying from In-Game Store

Here are the steps for buying Diamonds in Free Fire,

Step 01: Open the Free Fire game and go to the in-game store.

Step 02: Tap on the diamond icon present at the top of the screen.

Step 03: You will see several top-up options.

Step 04: Select the amount which is corresponding to the Diamonds you want to purchase. 

Prices of Diamonds in Free Fire are

  • It costs INR 80 for 100 Diamonds.
  • It costs INR 250 for 310 Diamonds.
  • It costs INR 400 for 520 Diamonds.
  • It costs INR 800 for 1060 Diamonds.
  • It costs INR 1600 for 2180 Diamonds.
  • It costs INR 4000 for 5600 Diamonds.
  1. Apps for Buying Diamonds in Free Fire

01 SeaGM.

02 PayTM.

03 MooGold.

04 GamesKharido.

05 CodaShop.

All these rank as top 5 best apps for purchasing diamonds in Free Fire. 

3 Some Other Ways to Get Diamonds in Free Fire

This is a bonus information for getting free fire diamonds, hope this might help you with the same!

  1. Get Membership

By getting membership we can get Diamonds in Free Fire. There are different types of memberships which provide Diamonds and other Rewards.

Weakly Membership: It costs $1.99 and provides 420 diamonds.

Monthly Membership: It costs $7.99 and provides 1,900. 

You can buy both, which provides you with an S-VIP badge, and double the diamonds.

  1. Level up Pass

With this we receive 1600 diamonds as we climb from level one all the way to level 30. We can only purchase this pass once per account.


These are the different ways to get Diamonds in Free Fire. By following above mentioned different ways you can get Diamonds in Free Fire and you can buy all essential things in game to improve gaming techniques.

I hope you got a detailed idea regarding how to get Diamonds in Free Fire. Make use of this knowledge in enjoying the game.

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