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How to Transfer Your PUBG Account’s Data to Battlegrounds Mobile India – Step by Step Guide

The first beta version of Battlegrounds Mobile India went live on June 17, and beta testers can now play the game. Krafton has also announced that more beta testing seats will be available for people in India in the near future.

Those who have downloaded the game, however, have a question: Can I move my PUBG Account’s Data to Battlegrounds Mobile India? A straightforward answer for this is…Yes! You can, because Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) appears to be allowing users to carry over their PUBG Mobile data.

A million dollar question for many BGMI Beta testers is How to Transfer PUBG Mobile Data to Battlegrounds Mobile India? So, are you someone who is in need of the answer for the same? If yes! You just made it to the right spot. 

Here I am going to discuss the step by step process on transferring your old data from PUBG to BGMI. But before that you need to install and register on the BGMI app to follow the below guide. If you haven’t done this process yet, you can go to the bottom of Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta Version is Finally Released post by us and get through the registration process.

Note: Currently BGMI has stopped accepting the new users. However, the team said that they will accept the new slots in the near future.

How to Transfer Your Old PUBG Account’s Data to Battlegrounds Mobile India – 9 Steps Guide

Note: The process below is almost same for both iOS and Android users. However, if you are facing any difficultly to do so, you can reach us anytime! We aim to respond shortly and are happy to help you.

The steps to effectively transferring your PUBG data to Battlegrounds Mobile India are outlined below. Please keep in mind that this method will only be available until December 31st, 2021.

Step-1: On your mobile device, launch the Battlegrounds Mobile India game app.

Step-2: You will be directed to the title screen after accepting the privacy policy, where you must check in with an account.

Step-3: From the login options, choose Facebook or Twitter.

Step-4: The Terms of Service will be presented to you and you will be requested to accept them.

Step-5: After that, you should get a ‘Account Data Transfer’ window asking if you live in India. Yes must be selected.

Step-6: The next step will request your permission to send data to the “New App.” Please continue by tapping Yes.

Step-7: A second popup will appear, asking for confirmation of consent and informing you that your data will be transmitted from Proxima Beta Pvt. Limited. Yes should be selected.

Step-8: You will be routed to the appropriate login page for Facebook or Twitter. 

Step-9: There, enter your user name and password. And it’s done! Check the app for your data.

At Technukti we have noticed that most of your data will be transferred, including name, character ID, your inventory (clothing and skins), Career Stats, and more. And all of the data from PUBG Mobile will not be carried over to Battlegrounds Mobile India. This has some limitations like Phone number, Email linking, Merit, Rank, Friends list, Clan data, Event mission progress.

We recommend copying and saving your data somewhere as this process may show errors sometime (only if you didn’t follow the guide properly).

Things to Keep in Mind Before Transferring Data from PUBG to Battlegrounds Mobile India

There are few things to keep in mind if you are thinking of starting this data transfer from PUBG to BGMI.

  1. You should have a proper internet connection.
  2. You should have allowed all the permissions asked by BGMl (if you didn’t try accepting them by reinstalling the game).
  3. There should be enough space (not specified as depends on the user and device).
  4. You should have enabled account sync on the old PUBG app in order to get the data to the New App.
  5. The proper Facebook or Twitter account to be used.

What if You have not synced the data to Your Facebook or Twitter ID? How to get it? The next section answers the same.

How to Transfer Old Data from PUBG to Battlegrounds Mobile India if You have not Linked to Facebook and Twitter?

If you are someone who has not added your Twitter or FB ID to the game, but you want to get your data to the BGMI. No need to be depressed about it! Because we have got your back. 

For this, you need to have a trustworthy overseas friend who can help you with syncing data to your Facebook or Twitter ID. Here’s how this can be done.

Step-1: Ask your friend to install PUBG Mobile and login with your account.

Step-2: Now after he gets to the main screen of the game, he needs to go to the Settings.

Step-3: Here he needs to select the ‘Basic’ option and then ‘Linked’ section.

Step-4: Now is the actual task, he needs to add your FB or Twitter account to the game, for which you should share your login credentials with him.

Step-5: After the successful login, the game’s data will sync with the ID you have used.

Step-6: From here isn’t easy, install Battlegrounds Mobile India on your device and follow the steps mentioned in the guide prior to this (1st guide). 

You may find many sites telling you to do this by getting a VPN, but we do not recommend this. As the Indian Govt banned PUBG it is not legit to use the VPNs to get your data to the New Battlegrounds Mobile India.


Here are some frequently asked questions you must know about Battlegrounds Mobile India. Hope these might help you get some knowledge.

1. Is it Possible to Play Battlegrounds Mobile India with Players from Around the World?

Yes it is possible because players in Battlegrounds Mobile India can switch servers, allowing them to play with others from all over the world. To play with other players from across the world, go to the Settings tab and select a server from the list.

2. Is it Legal to Use VPN to Transfer Data from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India?

As said above, as Indian Govt has banned the use of PUBG within the country it is not recommended to use a VPN to transfer data from PUBG to BGMI.

3. Is it Possible to Move PUBG Mobile KD to BGMI?

No, PUBG Mobile KD cannot be transferred to BGMI. This is because in BGMI, finishes are more significant than kills. As a result, there is no point in transferring your KD to BGMI, and you will be unable to do so.

You made it to the end! Thank you for reading this far. Hope you enjoyed this and you are always allowed to share this article with your friends who are in need. Spread the info and be a saver. Happy gaming…!

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