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How to Create a Custom Dictionary for Google Text-to-Speech

If you are in need of an application that can help you to create a custom dictionary for Google Text-to-Speech, then TTSLexx app is the best choice. This allows your Android, computers and many to read aloud the text that makes your reading faster, easier and moreover healthier by avoiding screen time.

TTSLexx- A Brief Overview 

TTSLexx is a Google Speech Services application that allows you to create and utilise a custom dictionary. It’s best for languages with a lot of stress marks, like Russian, but it can also aid with reading in other languages.

TTSLexx App’s Features

Here are some features of TTSLexx app enlisted;

  • Built-in editor that creates a TTSLexx dictionary in the app’s internal storage
  • Share facility is available in almost all readers
  • To build a backup, the dictionary can be imported and exported(This is especially important before uninstalling or upgrading the software).
  • Choosing and remembering a reading voice that isn’t the usual Google voice.
  • Removing dots at the end of phrases to prevent abbreviations from being read (which are often not abbreviations).
  • Additional text processing for the Russian language (cleaning, standardising, so on for proper dictionary usage).
  • It supports ‘Network voices’. Network voices need a high-speed Internet connection, yet they reduce the amount of pronunciation mistakes by several orders of magnitude.

The Dictionary Uses Three Types of Inputs

There are mainly three types of entries, namely;

  1. Regular expressions
  2. Replacement of words, abbreviations, and expressions.
  3. Replacing the words with the correct accent. 

Unfortunately, accents alone can’t fix everything, so you need to change some letters and add new ones, so that they have a magical effect on Google speech synthesis. 


Hope this article got you right! TTSLexx app allows you to create a custom dictionary for Google Text-to-Speech. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs related to the TTSLexx app. I hope these might help you.

01. What is a Google Speech Service?

Google’s Speech Services is a screen reader application for their Android operating system. It enables apps to read aloud (say) the text on the screen in a variety of languages.

02. What is a Text to Speech Feature?

Information-to-speech (TTS) refers to your computer’s ability to convert written text into spoken words. Most text that displays on your screen in Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and OneNote can be heard depending on your settings and installed TTS engines.

03. What Languages are Supported by TTSLexx?

The app supports a wide range of languages right from Chinese to English, and many other languages like French, German, including Hindi, Indonesian, and Italian.

TTSLexx also supports many other languages like Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

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