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How to Reset Redmi, Xiaomi or Poco Smartwatch

Smartwatches act as the mini version of the smartphones. But sometimes these Smartwatches do not meet your needs. Hence you need to reset your smartwatch. Redmi, Xiaomi and Poco these are the famous brands and hence this post is all about how to Reset Redmi, Xiaomi or Poco Smartwatch.

Sometimes you may be stuffing your smartwatch with a huge number of apps that’s beyond its limit. Sometimes your smartwatch doesn’t function the way it should. You may need to disconnect your smartwatch from your smartphone a few times. At all these times you have to reset your smartwatch. Hence if you are using Redmi, Xiaomi or Poco smartwatch then this post will help you to know how to reset redmi, Xiaomi or Poco smartwatch.

Why to Reset Redmi, Xiaomi or Poco Smartwatch 

Well, before you know How to reset the Redmi, Xiaomi or Poco smartwatch let’s see why you need to reset the smartwatch.

There are many reasons. Sometimes your smartwatch may not be working that effectively. If you fill your smartwatch with a lot of apps or any other stuff just like a smartphone your smartwatch also hangs. This slows down your smartwatch performance. In case you want to sell the smartwatch to someone and get it clear from all the things you included in it I.e, prepare it the way you bought it at first. 

In all these circumstances you need to reset your smartwatch. Now you can learn the process below to know How to Reset Redmi, Xiaomi or Poco smartwatch. 

How to Reset Redmi Smartwatch 

All the smartwatches, be it Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco smartwatch, all have the same method to reset your smartwatch. In this post we are going to specify in detail on how to reset the Redmi smartwatch. Follow the same procedure for others too as all the three smartwatches share the same OS.

Step-01: Switch on your Redmi Smartwatch 

Firstly, to reset your Redmi Smartwatch switch on the watch. How to do it? Very simple! Keep pressing the power button your screen glows up and you can see the homepage of your smartwatch.

Step-2: Open quick panel

Next after you switch on your smartwatch you need to open the quick panel. For this just scroll down the screen. That’s it! This opens the quick panel.

Step-3: Click on Settings icon

In the quick panel you can see a wide range of options like sound, flight mode, torch, settings and many more. Here we need the settings. Hence click on the settings icon.

Step-4: Click on System

After you click on the settings icon you will be taken to the settings page. Here also you find many options like personalization, storage, system etc. Click on the system option.

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Step-5: Click on Disconnect and Reset

After you click on settings option and a new page gets opened. Now swipe down the page until you find the Disconnect and Reset option. Click on the Disconnect and Reset option.

Step-6: Confirm the Reset process 

When you click the Disconnect and Reset option you will be asked to confirm it. You will find an X and a tick mark. Click on the tick mark to proceed. 

That’s it! As you click the tick mark you need to wait a little till the process gets finished. Finally, your smartwatch gets reset with just a simple hard work.


Now treat your smartwatch yourself whenever it hangs or its performance slows down. Now you no need to ask someone else to help you with all this stuff as you can yourself do it. It’s not that difficult to reset your smartwatch just follow the above steps and get your work done.

Redmi is the most used brand these days and hence we mainly focused on redmi smartwatch. All these three share the similar OS and hence have the same process to reset. Hope this post was helpful to you. If there’s anything running on your mind let us help you out.

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