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Honor Unveils Cool Features in New MagicOS 8.0

Honor has unveiled its latest mobile operating system, MagicOS 8.0, featuring an intent-based UI and platform-level AI. The OS is built on Android 14 and features a MagicLM on-device large language model with 7 billion parameters. The Magic Portal, a game-changing feature, allows users to seamlessly drag and drop information between apps, enhancing their experience. Honor’s software team has also made improvements to home screen customization options, UI speed, and resource optimization.

The Magic6 series is set to launch in January 2024, with a phased release plan. MagicOS 8.0 is a leap forward in user-centric design and functionality, combining advanced AI capabilities with a user-friendly interface, setting a new standard for the industry.

MagicLM and Intent-Based Interface (IUI)

  • Built on Android 14, MagicLM with 7 billion parameters.
  • Described as a smart helper in the phone.
  • Intent-based interface (IUI) suggests tasks for user convenience.
  • Enhanced user experience with a personalised interface.

First off, MagicOS 8.0 is built on Android 14, and it has something called MagicLM with 7 billion parameters. Fancy words, right? Well, it’s like having a super-smart helper in your phone. The best part? The new system can guess what you want to do on your phone and suggest things to make it easier for you. That’s the intent-based interface (IUI) – it’s like your phone knows you really well!

Magic Portal: Moving Stuff Around Easily

Now, there’s this cool thing called Magic Portal. Imagine you’re planning to meet friends and got the details in a message. With Magic Portal, you can drag that info and drop it into your maps app to get directions. It’s like magic! Plus, it can understand pictures and gestures, making it super fun to use.

Make Your Phone Your Own

The new system also lets you make your phone look just the way you like it. You can change how the main screen looks, and everything will be faster and smoother. Honor’s tech wizards worked behind the scenes to make your phone work better without using too much power.

Beta Release Schedule

Good news if you have an Honor phone – they’re planning to share this cool MagicOS 8.0 with everyone! They’ll start with the Honor Magic5 series and then roll it out to more phones step by step. So, if you have a newer Honor phone, you might get to try out these awesome features soon!

Get Ready for Something Awesome

In Conclusion, Honor’s MagicOS 8.0 is like a super-smart friend for your phone. It suggests things for you, lets you move stuff around easily, and even lets you make your phone look cool. Keep an eye out for the new Honor Magic6 phones – they’re coming soon and will have this amazing MagicOS 8.0. It’s like having a little touch of magic in your pocket!

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