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Get Ready for Galaxy S24: Early Booking Discounts Revealed on Galaxy Unpacked 2024

The Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event is set to unveil the Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra, with pre-order details revealing exclusive discounts and incentives. Early reservations are now open with a $50 discount, starting on January 17th. In select regions, such as Korea, pre-orders will come with a free memory upgrade incentive. The 128GB model will be extended to the 256GB Galaxy S24, offering extra storage.

In the UK, pre-order customers will receive a free Galaxy Watch 6 as an exclusive gift. The details of who will be eligible for this gift remain undisclosed. As the event approaches, tech enthusiasts and prospective buyers are eager to witness the official unveiling of the Galaxy S24 series.

Early Reservations for a $50 Discount

If you’re eager to be one of the first to own the Galaxy S24, S24+, or S24 Ultra, you can start by making an early reservation. This isn’t the same as pre-ordering, but it comes with a cool $50 discount. The official pre-order date is January 17th, and there will be more discounts available then.

Cool Extras for Early Birds

Some regions, like Korea, are offering a special treat for those who pre-order. You might get a free memory upgrade, making your new Galaxy S24 even better. Keep in mind that this offer might only be available in certain places, like Austria.

Exclusive Bonuses for Pre-ordering

Samsung is adding some perks for those who jump in early. If you pre-order in Korea, you could get a one-year Samsung Care+ guarantee. Plus, there’s a chance to get a cool Pokemon or Maeil Milk Buds case and a set of Galaxy Buds 2 Pro wireless earphones. That’s a lot of goodies!

UK Only: Free Galaxy Watch 6

If you’re in the UK, there’s something extra special for you. Pre-order the Galaxy S24 series, and you might score a free Galaxy Watch 6. The details are a bit of a mystery, but it adds a fun twist to the deal.

Gifts Vary by Time and Place

Keep in mind that the gifts you get might change based on when and where you pre-order. The earlier you order, the better chance you have of getting something awesome.

As we get closer to the big Galaxy Unpacked event, tech fans are buzzing with anticipation. Stay tuned for more updates as we count down to the official reveal of the Galaxy S24 series.

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