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How to Get a Free Laptop: 9 Simple Methods to Follow

Need to buy a laptop? But have budget issues? No worries you can get a free laptop following the ways here in this post.

Who thought that one day everyone has to get into their homes, work from home and study online but those days have come and the laptop has become a basic need for every employee, student and all the workers as everything is going on online these days.

It’s not a big task for a highly incomed man to get a laptop but for those whose income is less and who can’t afford it buying a laptop just remains as a dream but now it’s time to fulfill it. Yes! It’s possible to get a free laptop as some organizations provide free laptops to those who are eligible like being a student or having a low income etc.

So, without delay let’s look over the methods to know how to get a free laptop. 

How to Get a Free Laptop?

Here we will look over a few ways which will help you to get a free laptop but to approach it you need to meet their eligibility.

#01 Join Any Online College

Joining an online college may be a better option for you to get a free laptop. Many online colleges give away free laptops to the new joiners. It’s not a one side benefit, they look over their benefit too i.e, attracting more students to join their college but whatever it might me you are benefited by getting a free laptop.

#02 Get a Laptop from Everyone On if you are on a low income

For low income holders this website may be proved to be beneficial as it gives laptops at low costs or even for free you can visit the website and search for the offers if any then apply for it.

#03 On it Foundation 

The On it Foundation is an organization that provides free laptops for needy people. The main aim of this organization is to help the low income families who have students by giving them laptops or computers and computer training of 20 hours.

Till date, they have supplied nearly 2000 computers free of cost. The main eligibility for getting the free computer or laptop is receiving less or free lunch in public school. To apply for the free computers on the Foundation you need to write a letter with the following details.

  • Name, age and grade of student.
  • Name, address and phone number of school.
  • Name, address, phone numbers, and signatures of parents or guardians.
  • Proof from the school that the student is receiving less or free lunch.

You can also find further information on their website about free laptops for military families and for disabled students.

#04 Criagslist

There are a lot of people who give away their old stuff at free of cost. Craigslist is such a platform where people give away their old things.

If you search you can even get a laptop at free of cost but it’s good you get a total idea of how much it may cost to get the old laptops repaired. After calculating everything you can decide whether the laptop you are getting is fit for you or not.

#05 Freecycle

Freecycle is a website that promotes the reuse of various things. You can visit the website and check for a laptop. Here you can get a chance of having a free laptop, that too without spending a single penny.

This is the website where people can give and get various items in their locality.

#06 The National Cristina Foundation 

This is a fantastic nonprofit foundation that “works to encourage technology reuse by teaching companies and the general public that technology resources that have outlived their original useful life may be given a second productive life for increasing human potential.”

Businesses basically donate their old and used digital equipment to the organisation, which then gives them out for free to individuals in need.

#07 Earn Free Gift Cards

There are various online activities that help you win gift cards and you can use these gift cards to get the free laptops. You can get these gift cards by the following ways:

  • Scan your grocery slips.
  • Explore and search with Microsoft rewards.
  • Use Swagbucks for shopping and earning.
  • Complete offers with inbox Dollars by reading emails.

You can try these but it’s not sure that you will get a free laptop or not.

#08 Take Surveys and Use the Money to Get a Complimentary Laptop

If you want to get a free laptop without spending anything then it is the easiest method. You just need to take surveys which can be done on a lot of websites and use the earnings in getting a laptop without spending anything from your pocket.

Follow the steps to get laptop using this method:

  • Sign up on the websites for surveys.
  • Earn upto 200 rupees per month.
  • Spend them to get a free laptop.

#09 Look for Giveaways on Social Media

Brands and retailers will occasionally hold sweepstakes and giveaways in which you may win items such as laptop computers. Of course, only enter contests sponsored by genuine businesses.

To guarantee you don’t miss out on any contests or sweepstakes, follow businesses that offer tech stuff and tech companies. A simple search for #laptop giveaway might also provide results.

Twitter freebies is a list of firms you should follow on Twitter if you want to obtain free items and special deals.

Finishing Up

Here we end with all the 9 methods or ways that help you get a free laptop and we hope it was worth full to you. You can use any of the above methods and get your laptop at free of cost. Our main motto to give these methods is to help low income families and students to get free laptops.

If there are any queries running in your mind you can put it in our comment section. We are happy to help you.

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