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How do I Delete My PUBG 2022 Account – A Step By Step Process

PUBG is an online mobile game which stands for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. It is a multiplayer game. In recent years PUBG has become the most popular game throughout the world.

Due to some reasons PUBG has been banned in some countries even in India because it is harmful and addictive to younger players.

Most of the PUBG players are students so they are easily getting addicted to this game. Due to this addiction they are unable to concentrate in their studies because they spend most of their time playing PUBG. So it is necessary to delete the PUBG Account

But there is no option to delete a PUBG Account, you can just disable your PUBG Account. This is referred to as deleting a PUBG account.

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Before deleting your PUBG Mobile Account let us know some Important reasons to delete PUBG Account. 

Major Reasons to Delete PUBG Account

  • When PUBG mobile was banned, several players attempted to delete their account.
  • Some players got bored and lacked interest. 
  • One of the major problems with PUBG is phone Hanging. If your phone has a limited amount of RAM, Your phone will experience a hanging issue.
  • Some players delete their PUBG Account due to lack of storage in their mobile. Similarly, there are several reasons to remove a PUBG account. 

Many PUBG players simply uninstall PUBG from their phone to delete their PUBG mobile Account. But it is a wrong practice. Whenever you reinstall the PUBG app again your account data will remain. 

So in this article you will get complete knowledge regarding deletion of a PUBG account permanently. Once you’ve deleted your PUBG account, you won’t be able to retrieve it.

Ways to Delete PUBG Account Permanently

When you initially install PUBG, you will be prompted to sign in or login using your Facebook or Google Accounts. So merely deleting the PUBG app will not result in a permanent deletion. You can delete your PUBG account via 2 different ways,

#01 Steps to Delete PUBG Account On PC 

If you want to delete your PUBG account on a PC or computer, follow these steps.

Step 01: Log in to your account. 

Step 02: Then go to the following website

Step 03: Now Select ” Remove Account” from the drop-down menu.

Step 04: To confirm, enter your password.

Step 05: Then Click on “Delete” Option. 

#02 Steps to Delete PUBG Account on Your Mobile

Here’s how to delete your account using a mobile device, the process is almost the same for both android and iOS devices.

Step 01: Launch the PUBG Mobile app.

Step 02: Select Setting and click on the gear icon on the lobby screen.

Step 03: Now go to the “Basic” tab. 

Step 04: Then click “Delete Account,” and you’ll be logged out of your PUBG account.

Note: Please do not login for at least seven days after deleting your PUBG account. 

These are the two important and simple ways to delete your PUBG account, but it won’t get deleted permanently. To do so you have to unlink your ID, and here’s what to follow. 

Ways to Unlink Your PUBG Account

As said your account can be linked to both Facebook and Google Play, you need to unlink them once you have deleted or deactivated your account in the game. Below I have mentioned how to unlink the account for both google pay and facebook users.

#01 Unlinking your Google Play Account

Step 01: Go to Settings App. 

Step 02: Then tap on Google. 

Step 03: Select Account Services or settings for google Apps 

Step 04: Tap on Connected Apps under Accounting Services.

Step 05: Find PUBG Mobile and press on it.

Step 06: Now click on Disconnect.

#02 Unlinking Your Facebook Account 

Step 01: Log into your Facebook account.

Step 02: Then go to main Settings.

Step 03: Then go to the apps and website section.

Step 04: Go to the PUBG mobile and remove access to the app from the list. Then your PUBG Account will be deleted or disabled. 

These are the essential steps to take in order to securely and completely delete your PUBG Account. I hope this article helps you in deleting your PUBG Account permanently. 

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