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Xiaomi announces SU7 Electric SUV Series with HyperOS and Groundbreaking Range

Xiaomi has unveiled its SU7 Electric SUV Series, featuring the standard SU7 and the top-tier SU7 Max. The SU7 series showcases the company’s commitment to eco-friendly mobility and introduces cutting-edge connected technology through its in-house operating system, HyperOS. The SU7 boasts impressive specs, accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.28 seconds and a claimed range of 668 km. 

It reaches a top speed of 210 km/h, showcasing its rear-wheel-drive prowess. The SU7 Max, on the other hand, sets a new benchmark in the electric SUV market with a top speed of 265 km/h.

The SU7 series also features a connected chipset from NVIDIA, capable of 508 Trillion Tera operations per second, powering Xiaomi Pilot, the brand’s autonomous driving algorithm. The SU7 Max EV offers a top speed of 265 km/h, a battery and time to charge of 101 kWh, and an all-wheel drive.

HyperOS Integration and Smart Elements

A critical feature of the SU7 series is Xiaomi’s accentuation on connected technology through HyperOS. The vehicle includes a connected chipset from NVIDIA, fit for a staggering 508 Trillion Tera tasks each second, powering Xiaomi Pilot, the brand’s autonomous driving calculation. Xiaomi gladly declares more than 10 million kilometres of testing for its Versatile Higher Perspective, utilising on-board cameras to change perceivability for working on common and traffic location progressively.

Interior Innovation and Safety Standards

Inside the SU7, a 16.1-inch display captures everyone’s attention, boasting a 3K goal, Snapdragon 8295, and plenty of connected tech highlights. Xiaomi’s weighty investment in battery safety includes the utilisation of Aerogel for insulation, with the battery encompassed by reinforcement metals and 7.8 square metres of insulation per side.

SU7 Max EV: Power-Pressed Particulars in Points

  1. Battery and Time to Charge: 101 kWh, 60 minutes (Approx using 800V Fast Charger), 10 minutes charge for 390 km range.
  2. Power and Force: 673ps, 495kW pinnacle, 838 n-m of force.
  3. Range: 800 km (Xiaomi-asserted).
  4. Case: Developed using Xiaomi’s Hypercasting tech and Xiaomi Titans Metal.
  5. Drivetrain: All-wheel Drive.
  6. Maximum velocity: 265 km/h (in SU7 Max).
  7. Figure Power and Chip: 101 kWh, 60 minutes (Approx using 800v Fast Charger).
  8. Internal Tablet and HUD Determinations: 16.1-inch 3K display, 16:10 viewpoint proportion, 91.7% screen-to-body proportion, 13000 nits top splendour, 5.6-inch Heads-up Display with 1500:1 difference proportion, Snapdragon 8295, and HyperOS biological system.
  9. Different highlights: Versatile BEV (Higher Perspective) for worked on autonomous driving, boot space of 517 litres at the back, 105 litres at the front, safety standards with 5 stars in Chinese NCAP, 5 stars in Euro-NCAP, and C-IASI, 8 airbags as standard.
  10. Colours: Water Blue, Mineral Dark, and Verdant Green.

Cost and Accessibility

While Xiaomi has not revealed the pricing yet, the CEO Lei Jun hints that the SU7 series could incline towards the costly side. The authority launch is planned for the coming months, sparking fervor among tech and EV lovers the same.

All in all, Xiaomi’s entrance into the electric vehicle market with the SU7 series, coupled with HyperOS integration, guarantees a thrilling combination of performance, innovation, and network, setting new standards in the electric SUV scene.

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