Saturday, June 22, 2024

WhatsApp’s New Admin Review Feature: To Be Out Soon!

Whatsapp’s new admin review feature! Sounds interesting right. Well, it works interesting though. The meta owned whatsapp doesn’t keep itself back from creating new features and improving the user base. These days whatsapp had brought a lot of features into action which the users really loved a lot. And now the whatsapp’s new admin review feature is something especially for the group admins.

We all know in whatsapp a group admin has the upper hand. He is the one who controls all the actions of the group right from creating the group to dismantling the group. Now, the admin review feature is going to make the admins to do one more thing with the groups. Yes! Now admins can delete the messages from everyone which are sent by anyone.

A few times we may get some violent texts or some useless stuff in the groups. If these disturb your group’s peace then Now the admin can pull them off. The new admin review feature lets the users report their admins about any message and therefore, the admin can just delete it from everyone. 

The admins will get the reported texts in a separate section and the best part is the reported messages will be only seen to admins. Still the new admin review feature is under development and will be tested first on the beta version of the app. Apart from this the meta owned whatsapp is going to bring a side-by-side feature especially for the android tablet users.

This side-by-side feature is especially designed to improve the user interface. When you are engaged in one chat but simultaneously need to open another chat, then you should close the first. But with this side-by-side feature you can use both the chats simultaneously. You can even disable the feature easily by reaching the Whatsapp settings > chats.
Summing up, WhatsApp’s new admin review feature is really something very beneficial to the WhatsApp groups. Hope we will get the feature in hand soon. Awaiting for more similar features by WhatsApp. Stay up for further info.

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