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WhatsApp will now let you Change Photo Upload Quality, here is how it will work

WhatsApp never fails to amaze its users with a bunch of wholesome and dedicated features released on a regular basis. From now, WhatsApp allows its users to change the Photo Upload Quality in the WhatsApp settings, small, yet a dedicated feature awaited by the users. This enables you to change the quality of the photos, which are to be uploaded. 

The “Photo Upload Quality” feature includes three options. Firstly, the one which is an awaited feature from WhatsApp, through which you can upload the photo of “Best Quality” with your contacts. Reflecting that, it will eat up your data and time.

Secondly, the “Data Saver” option. In some situations, the data should always be saved. In such cases, WhatsApp has provided a data saver option to those who opt to save data. Basically, a low-quality photo doesn’t consume much of your data and WhatsApp will likely send a compressed photo.

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The final option is “Auto”, which is a recommended option to use, as it works accordingly with the data availability and also saves your time. It’s not like you should compromise your photo upload quality always, whenever you’re on a WiFi connection just hold to “Best Quality” for a perfect photo dispatch.

To get this feature handy;

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Click on the three-dotted icon 
  • Access the settings option in WhatsApp 
  • You’ll find “Photo Upload Quality” feature in Storage and Data option
  • Adjust the quality of the photo, as per the data availability

In the recent past, WhatsApp has rolled out some interesting features like communities, in-chat polls and also it allowed groups to have upto 1024 users, with which you can easily get to the people which enhances the field of digital marketing via WhatsApp! It also announced that you can have 32 users in a single WhatsApp group video call, which can mark a huge difference in the digital world.

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