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WhatsApp Lates iOS Update Picture-in-Picture Update in Whatsapp Video Calls for iOS

WhatsApp has launched a new feature for iOS users, allowing them to use the picture-in-picture (PiP) mode during video calls. The feature, which has been available for Android users since 2018, lets users keep their video call in a small window while they navigate other apps on their device.

WhatsApp has recently announced that the picture-in-picture feature will be available for iPhone users with iOS 14 and above, and it will work on all types of calls, including one-to-one and group video calls. 

This functionality was introduced in the 23.3.77 edition of the company’s iOS app. Before, if you moved to another app on your iPhone while on a WhatsApp video conversation, the other person would no longer see your video stream. The new function lets you react to a message or search for information on your phone without disturbing a call.

After a series of updates for whatsapp, including disappearing messages and multi-device support the PiP feature was updated. The company continues to improve the user experience and keep up with the competition maintaining the standards.

The picture-in-picture feature can be activated by swiping up on the video call window, making the call go into a small window. The user can then navigate to other apps or use their phone normally without interrupting the call.

While PiP is not a new concept in the world of video calls, the feature’s availability in WhatsApp is a significant update for iOS users. WhatsApp’s PIP feature is also different from other apps that offer similar features because WhatsApp’s video calls are end-to-end encrypted

The Picture-in-Picture feature’s release on iOS is a consequential milestone, as it makes the feature accessible to millions of iPhone users globally. As businesses and individuals continue to rely on video calls for communication, the PiP feature is a valuable tool that allows them to multitask while staying connected.

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