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WhatsApp Backup Changes Alert: Android Users Face Google Drive Storage Shift in 2024

WhatsApp is set to change its backup policies for Android users, affecting Google Drive storage. Starting 2024, chat histories, photos, and videos will no longer be free from Drive limits, mirroring the iPhone setup. WhatsApp will implement a 30-day warning system before backup data starts encroaching on Google Drive quotas. To manage backups effectively, users can use WhatsApp’s built-in chat transfer feature or opt for text-only backups.

Proactive measures are advised to review Google Drive usage and adjust backup settings accordingly. This move aligns with iPhone users, where WhatsApp backups count against iCloud storage, demonstrating WhatsApp’s commitment to standardising user experiences and storage policies.

Warning and Transition Period

Users won’t be surprised by this change. WhatsApp plans to carry out a 30-day in-app warning framework before backup data begins encroaching on Google Drive quotas. This essential measure expects to give users adequate opportunity to change and pursue informed choices regarding their storage inclinations.

Backup Systems for Android Users

For those worried about the impending storage challenge, WhatsApp proposes two or three methodologies to actually oversee backups:

  1. Direct Transfer Choice: WhatsApp offers an inherent chat transfer include, allowing consistent data migration to another telephone on a similar WiFi organisation. This technique guarantees a problem free transition without burdening your Google Drive storage.
  1. Text-Just Backups: To advance storage usage, users can decide to back up just text data, excluding photos and videos from the backup interaction. This choice gives an even minded approach to individuals looking to moderate storage space while safeguarding fundamental chat records.

Planning and What to do?

Given the imminent shift, Android users are encouraged to survey their Google Drive usage instantly. Whether opting for a spring cleaning of old chats or adjusting backup settings to oblige the impending changes, a proactive approach can guarantee a smoother transition to the new backup policy.

Matching the iPhone Experience

With this adjustment, Android users will before long line up with their iPhone partners, where WhatsApp backups have reliably represented a mark against iCloud storage. This uniformity across stages indicates WhatsApp’s obligation to standardise user experiences and storage strategies.


As WhatsApp plans to carry out changes to its backup strategies for Android users, the significance of proactive measures couldn’t possibly be more significant. The 30-day warning window gives an open door to users to evaluate their storage needs and pick a reasonable backup technique.

By embracing choices, for example, direct transfer and text-just backups, users can explore the upcoming adjustments while maintaining command over their Google Drive space. Remain informed, remain ready, and guarantee a more slender WhatsApp experience as the storage landscape develops.

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