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TikTok fires all indian Staff after 3 Years The Ban By India

One of the reasons for the success of Bytedance, a Chinese company, could definitely be the introduction of TikTok, a social media application. This application was  mostly used in the global market but was banned in some countries due to some insecurities. 

The TikTok is reportedly to fire the Indian staff after 3 years of its ban creating an impact in the Indian staff who are working for the Dubai and Brazil markets in the division of India remote sales support hub, but now it has made an official statement regarding this. The affected employees will also be given the surveillance pay for 9 months for this immediate action of the company.

As per the reports of TikTok spokesperson, “To help our global and regional sales teams, we have decided to terminate our India remote sales support hub, which was established at the end of 2020. Our company has benefited much from having these people on board, and we will make sure they are taken care of during this tough time”.

According to Economic Times reports, “The TikTok India employees were informed  beforehand that February 28 would be their last working day on the job and were given pink slips to look out for other opportunities for some time as It was stated that restarting India operations was not going to take off because of the government’s stance on the Chinese apps”. 

The Indian office team served as a central hub for remote sales assistance and the company’s operations in Dubai and Brazil. The TikTok management hinted to workers that its activities in India might not be renewed because of the government’s strict rules.

TikTok was banned by the US President Joe Biden in December of last year, more than half of US states have implemented similar regulations, and some elementary schools and college campuses have even followed it.

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