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PUBG 2.4 Update | Download via APK For Exciting Features

PUBG 2.4 Update: The most awaited update for PUBG players all across the globe. The update got us whole new exciting features to embrace the game with great turns and moves. PUBG 2.4 update got all the power to the dedicated PUBG players all across the world.

Let’s look at the whole new exciting features from PUBG Mobile 2.4 Update;

  • The PUBG developers have added a new map named “Livik“, this is the attraction criteria for the new players to enter the game to play the battles at a faster pace.
  • Martial Arts with an extensive Martial Arts stadium in the Martial Arts Arena.
  • The makers have got some new weapons like a Wrestling hook, a Dancing vehicle, and a Volatile bow, which can galvanise your competitors.
  • Back of Honor” is an elimination battle for a comeback and called as a recalled player.
  • Improved accuracy of the bullets, reload new mechanisms, conduct and graphics.
  • A new battle named “Conquest“, has been added to the latest version, where the player can select the team for a battle and fight for a win.
  • Players are provided with the “Kung Fu Steamed Bun“, restoring their stamina.

The game started updating in various parts of the globe on January 4, 2023. The PUBG 2.4 made itself available in India on January 6, 2023.

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The bugs have been improved for smooth gameplay. The improved functionality of PUBG Mobile in the 2.4 updates has tremendously increased the percentage of players across the globe.

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