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Nothing Phone 2 Price in India Release Date & Full Specs

Nothing, the company that competes with smartphones and gadgets of recent days has created significant changes in the global market. The Nothing 1 had a great impact in the world of smart technology with its distinguished software and transparent hardware. It has got the captivating features that easily grabs the attention of most of the generations irrelevant to the professions. 

This smartphone stands to give a tough competition to the iPhone. In spite of its demand for smart gadgets, the CEO of Nothing has revealed the details regarding the release of the Nothing 2 smartphone in 2023 in the US market at affordable prices. 

Pie conveyed to Inverse, “Being only in our second year, we had no choice but to create the team while simultaneously developing the products, therefore we couldn’t accomplish it earlier. We can move forward now that we’re on more stable ground”.

He also stated that the uncompromising quality of the members of the company has made it to reach the present achievements in the market. Though this new model will be more expensive than the original, Pie hesitates to term it as a “flagship” because the company prioritizes a sophisticated software interface and cutting-edge hardware design over obtaining the greatest hardware at any price.

Despite the fact that Nothing only produced a limited number of products, the demand for those products led to a tremendous rise in revenue and sales, giving the company negotiation power with manufacturers and component suppliers who had previously rejected them because of their fledgling stage. 

Even though the exact details about hardware was not released, it’s presumed to have an open industrial design and GLP interface as that of Nothing 1 smartphone.

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