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Nokia 105 Classic: An Affordable Mobile Under 1000 INR with UPI Support

The Nokia 105 Classic is a standout option in the market for those seeking a budget-friendly mobile phone with UPI support. Nokia, a name synonymous with reliable and durable mobile devices, has crafted the Nokia 105 Classic to meet the basic communication needs of users while integrating UPI support.

Nokia 105 Classic is a no-frills mobile device designed for simplicity and ease of use. It features a compact and ergonomic design, which is perfect for those who prefer a mobile phone that easily fits in the palm of their hand or slips into a pocket without any hassle. The classic and familiar Nokia design is not only functional but also nostalgic for many users.

The Nokia 105 Classic‘s affordability doesn’t mean you have to compromise on important features. It comes with a 1.8-inch colour display, offering a clear and bright visual experience for your texts and calls. The keypad is tactile and easy to use, ensuring that you can dial numbers or send messages with ease. This device also has an FM radio, making it a convenient option for entertainment on the go.

One of the most remarkable features of the Nokia 105 Classic is its support for UPI, which stands for Unified Payments Interface. UPI is a secure and efficient way to make digital payments and transfers. By integrating UPI support, Nokia has brought modern financial convenience to an ultra-affordable mobile phone. 

Users can link their bank accounts and conduct various financial transactions, from sending money to friends and family to paying bills and purchasing goods and services. This feature empowers users to participate in the digital economy without the need for a costly smartphone.

In addition to UPI support, the Nokia 105 Classic is equipped with dual SIM card slots, allowing users to switch between two SIM cards for greater flexibility. It ensures that you can manage your personal and professional contacts or use different networks for voice and data services.

The battery life of the Nokia 105 Classic is another highlight. This device is known for its long-lasting battery, ensuring you won’t need to charge it frequently. It can provide days of usage on a single charge, making it an excellent choice for those who prioritise battery life.

The Nokia 105 Classic is a reliable communication tool that serves the purpose of staying connected without any unnecessary complications. It’s perfect for those who require a secondary phone or are looking for a reliable device in emergency situations.


The Nokia 105 Classic is a testament to Nokia’s commitment to providing affordable and reliable mobile devices. Priced at less than 1000 INR, it offers UPI support, dual SIM functionality, and impressive battery life. 
This classic mobile phone is an excellent choice for individuals seeking an economical yet feature-rich option for their basic communication needs, all while enjoying the convenience of UPI support. With Nokia’s reputation for durability and quality, the Nokia 105 Classic is a worthy addition to their lineup of mobile devices.

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