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Must-Try 5 Good Lock Modules to Enhance One UI 6.0 Experience

Samsung’s One UI 6.0 offers a range of customizable features, including Lock modules like Wonderland, Home Up, One Hand Operation +, Sound Assistant, and RegiStar. These modules allow users to create dynamic wallpapers, customise their home screen, and fine-tune their audio experience. Sound Assistant allows users to adjust app volume and customise notification icons and status bars. These modules not only enhance the One UI 6.0 experience but also provide a platform for users to personalise their devices.

1. Wonderland: Stun Your Screen with Dynamic Wallpapers

The Samsung Wonderland module is a visual joy, permitting users to make dynamic wallpapers that answer contact, development, and sound. With an assortment of presets and the capacity to make your own utilising different components, liveliness, and impacts, Wonderland offers a jungle gym for inventiveness. Change splendour, apply channels, and set wallpapers to dynamically change with the hour of day or battery level, changing your gadget into an entrancing material.

2. Home Up: Tweak Your Home Screen with Accuracy

Samsung’s Home Up module enables users to assume command over their home screen and application cabinet. Tweak the matrix size, symbol size, shape, and marks easily. The backup and restore include guarantees that your home screen settings are effectively adaptable, giving a consistent experience as you change and investigate with your gadget’s point of interaction.

3. One Hand Operation + Easy Route with Motions

Improve the convenience of your gadget with the One Hand Operation + module. Acquaint swipe motions with the left and right edges of your screen, customised to your inclinations. Redo the signal region, responsiveness, criticism, and liveliness to make a route experience that suits your interesting necessities, making one-handed operation a breeze.

4. Sound Assistant: Calibrate Your Audio Experience

Assume control over your gadget’s audio settings with the Sound Assistant module. Acquire granular control by changing the volume of each application exclusively. Characterise different sound profiles for different situations, change volume steps, and use the drifting button for quick admittance to the volume board. Sound Assistant places the force of audio customization in your hands.

5. RegiStar: Customise Your Notification Icons and Status Bar

The Samsung RegiSter module gives you infused character access to your gadget’s notification icons and status bar. Alter the variety, shape, size, and position of icons to suit your taste. Decide to stow away or show explicit icons, giving you the opportunity to organise a notification experience that lines up with your style.

These five modules are only a hint of something larger with regards to the Good Lock suite. Investigate extra modules like LockStar, QuickStar, MultiStar, Amusement Park, from there, the sky’s the limit, each offering interesting functionalities to further upgrade your One UI 6.0 experience. With plenty of choices, you can genuinely fit your gadget to address your issues and inclinations.


Taking everything into account, Samsung’s One UI 6.0 coupled with the flexibility of Good Lock modules furnishes users with an unrivalled degree of customization. Lift your smartphone experience by digging into the universe of dynamic wallpapers, customised home screens, intuitive signals, audio adjusting, and novel notification customization.

The ability to change your gadget lies readily available – investigate, explore, and unlock the maximum capacity of your One UI 6.0 gadget with these excellent Good Lock modules.

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