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How to Make Your Mobile Do Things on Your Voice Command

We live in a world where mobile phones have become an integral part of everyone’s life. We use our phones daily for many purposes from chatting, gaming and editing to get things done before the deadline. It is not always possible that your phone might work perfectly every time. 

Imagine your mobile phone falls down and the screen gets damaged due to which you are unable to use the phone like before. In many cases a damaged screen leads to non-functioning of the screen. It is very important that you find a solution and get your tasks done. Don’t worry, the Voice Access app is your saviour here.

Even if your mobile phone does gets damaged this app is still a saviour in many cases such as: 

For suppose you are running late for a meeting as well as driving in the car. It is important for you to make an emergency call. You cannot type and drive on the road since it’s not safe. Voice Access will take your command of calling/messaging someone and get it done without any hustle. Voice access app will not only be your saviour but it can also save your time before it runs off.

What if your hands are fractured and you’re told to take complete bed rest. In that case many of your tasks will remain incomplete causing you trouble later. Not just tasks, but you can send a message to any friend by just your voice on the speaker. Voice access will allow you to navigate everything on your mobile with your voice.

You can be a multitasker with this app. Attend a meeting and give a command in mode of speech and see how it works in seconds without wasting your time. This app can open any app you wish and allows you to use, type and send messages with your voice. Voice access is made for the purpose of getting many things done easily without much hustle at a time.

About Voice Access:

Use your phone through voice process daily and get your things done without any hustle. Command things in the form of your voice and see the magic. Over 13million users have solved their problem of not working on damaged screens with the help of “Voice over” app. It works for all the apps such as google, whatsapp, instagram, twitter, Snapchat, take a selfie YouTube or taking notes with mode of speaking.

Voice access App:

  • Saves your time: living a busy world is not an easy task yet not everyone’s choice. Someday or the other we have to complete so many tasks assigned for each day. Everything cannot be done at once, but voice access can be your best friend in times of busy situations. You only asked to turn the accessibility settings for “Voice access’ app to start functioning and it’s done. Navigate everything on your mobile with your voice.
  • Navigate everything  with your voice: Be it any gaming, meeting, chatting, ordering or organising, everything comes into place with a voice over app. It allows you to do even small things such as a video or comment. You can navigate easily just by speaking the words and icons in a proper language. Make sure that you speak the commands with icon names clearly or repeat if it takes time.
  • Edit your text before sending a message by just mode of dictation. Yes it works! Once you give all the accessibility in settings it asks for, you can edit and send any text with mode of speech. Not only does it send messages but also works for the purpose of research if you are a student. You can read any book online, with commands highlighting it with your voice through voice access app.


Final words:

What are you waiting for? Download the Voice access app from the Playstore and enjoy all the features given above with guidelines. Voice access app can be your saviour in times of tough situations and harsh days. Be it if you are lazy, met with an accident, fractured or damaged your screen it works on all the days with Voice commands given to it. Get your each task done easily without wasting much time and effort. 

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