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MoonShoot on Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Feature got Disappears with One UI 6.0 Update

Samsung‘s One UI 6.0 update has sparked controversy over the moonshot feature, which was once praised for its accuracy in capturing moon images and now it disappears. However, some users have refused these claims, revealing that the feature remains fully featureal. The One UI 6.0 update introduces powerful AI features like “AI Image Clipping” and “Sky Guide,” but the removal of the moonshot feature remains uncertain. Users await official clarification on the matter.

The moonshot feature was at first hailed for its capacity to catch exceptionally precise photos of the moon, exhibiting the high level abilities of the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera. However, not everyone was convinced. A few users started to question the authenticity of the moon images, thinking that the feature may be creating fake outcomes. In response to the wariness, Samsung explained that while AI technology assumed a part, the last images were a compilation of different photos with added visual effects.

The controversy encompassing the moonshot feature was raised when reports surfaced on the X stage by tipster Ice Universe, recommending that Samsung had without a doubt eliminated the feature post-One UI 6.0 update. To represent this claim, the tipster shared a moon picture taken with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, featuring the apparent shortfall of the once-praised AI moon featureality.

In any case, the situation accepts a fascinating turn as certain users discredit these claims by sharing camera samples displaying that the AI moon feature remains completely featureal on their devices. This error adds an air of uncertainty, as Samsung has not officially confirmed the expulsion, passing on users to hypothesise about possible variations in the user experience of this specific featureality.

The shortfall of an official statement from Samsung further tangles the waters, making it challenging to ascertain whether the expulsion of the AI moon feature is a conscious decision or a technical glitch. The tipster, while revealing insight into the supposed expulsion, has not given additional information, leaving users in anticipation with respect to the destiny of this once-celebrated feature.

In the midst of the uncertainty encompassing the AI moon feature, the One UI 6.0 update carries other significant features to Samsung phones with the introduction of the most recent Android 14 OS. The update incorporates strong AI features equivalent to those presented by industry goliaths Apple and Google. One such feature is “AI Image Clipping,” permitting users to make stickers by cutting items from photos and effectively changing their size when stuck onto different images.

Moreover, the update presents new AI-coordinated capacities, for example, “Sky Guide,” empowering the recognition of stars and constellations in night sky images, and enhanced photo editing options in the Galaxy Enhance-X app. While users await official clarification from Samsung, the One UI 6.0 update continues to carry out across a scope of Samsung smartphones, bringing a mix of excitement and speculation about the destiny of the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s AI moon feature.

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