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Meta Verified Officially Launches in India

In an exciting development for Indian internet users, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has officially launched Meta Verified in India. This cutting-edge authentication program aims to provide enhanced security and user verification, ensuring a safer online environment for Indian users.

With a range of advanced features and stringent verification processes, Meta Verified aims to combat identity theft, fake profiles, and other malicious activities on the platform. Let’s get into the details of this new initiative and its potential impact on Indian users. The development is expected to arrive five weeks after the company opens.

Mark Zuckerberg announced Meta Verified on his Instagram Channel that Meta Verified is now available in India, the UK, Canada and Brazil soon.

Meta Verified introduces robust security measures to tackle the rising concerns of online fraud and impersonation. This program adds an extra layer of verification to users’ profiles, making it more difficult for fraudsters to create fake accounts.

By implementing stricter identity verification processes, such as document verification and facial recognition technology, Meta Verified aims to ensure the authenticity of user profiles, enhancing the overall trust and credibility of the platform.

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, the program can detect suspicious activities and potential identity theft attempts. This proactive approach minimises the risk of unauthorised access to personal information and helps safeguard users’ online presence.

One of the notable features of Meta Verified is the introduction of verified badges for public figures, celebrities, and influencers. These badges, displayed prominently on their profiles, help users identify genuine accounts and distinguish them from fake or fan-created ones. This feature not only protects the interests of public figures but also enables users to engage with their favourite personalities more confidently.

With the increasing popularity of online marketplaces, the issue of trustworthiness has become a major concern for buyers and sellers. Meta Verified addresses this concern by providing an added layer of security for marketplace transactions.

By ensuring the authenticity of seller profiles and verifying their payment information, the program mitigates the risks associated with fraudulent listings and unethical sellers.

To access the exclusive benefits and enhanced security features of Meta Verified, users can subscribe to the program for a nominal fee. If users subscribe through the web Facebook, they’ll be charged Rs 599 per month. On Android and iOS device users Meta Verified will cost Rs 699 a month. Users can easily subscribe to Meta Verified through the Meta app or website by following a simple registration process.


With advanced verification processes, stringent identity checks, and innovative security measures, Meta Verified for Indian users aims to combat identity theft, fake profiles, and other malicious activities. By ensuring the authenticity of user accounts and promoting a safer community, Meta is poised to provide Indian users with a more secure and trustworthy online experience.

As technology continues to evolve, initiatives like Meta Verified demonstrate the commitment of social media platforms to address the growing concerns of user safety and privacy.

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