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How to Set Fluid Animated Display in Your Mobile – 5 Easy Steps to Follow

There are many apps which will allow you to set different types of wallpapers, and one such wallpaper type is fluid animated wallpaper.

Fluid simulation wallpapers got pretty famous these days, and people are getting really crazy about setting them as wallpapers on their mobile. And if you are also someone who needs to set a fluid animated display in your mobile, then this post is just made for you.

Do you know that there are many benefits of having a fluid animated display? Have you ever thought about those? Well anyhow, let’s see some of those benefits.

  • You can play with the display in your free time.
  • You can entertain kids around you with this wallpaper.
  • Your mobile will look very different and stunning.

Keeping these aside let’s start with our topic.

How to Get Fluid Animated Wallpaper Display the Best Way

There are many apps which can help you get a fluid animated display, but only a few apps work perfectly without lags. And Magic Fluids from the Mad Scientist team is one such app which works best and perfectly for you.

This is probably one of the best live wallpaper apps and I have tried this app. The UI is pretty good which will get you colorful fluids on your screen just by pressing and swiping with your fingers.

This is available for both iPhone and Android devices. Here’s how to get them,

#01 How to Set Fluid Animated Wallpaper Display on Android Device

This is available on PlayStore you can directly download it to your android mobile, just as you do with all the other apps. But you may get confused with what to download as you will get many results when you search. 

To make things easy here’s a simple guide to follow and set up a fluid animated wallpaper display. 

Step 01: Click on the download button below which will take you to PlayStore. And tap on install.


Step 02: Once the download is done open the app and allow the permissions. 

Step 03: After this you can check the effects it shows you when you drag or swipe or touch with your finger.

Step 04: Now tap on the 3 lines icon at the bottom left of your screen, and go to settings option.

Step 05: Then go to the 50+ presets and select whichever preset you need to apply as live wallpaper.

Step 06: Now tap on the Apply option and then click on Live wallpaper. Now tap on set to Desktop, and try to swipe and drag your fingers on the screen.

And it’s done! You should get a colorful fluid wallpaper on your device.

#02 How to Set Fluid Animated Wallpaper Display on Your iPhone 

Tap on the Download button below to install the app on your iPhone.


After this follow the above mentioned steps to the end, and you must get a colorful fluid wallpaper as you prefer. The app is still a lite version for iOS users so it may have few issues, but it will be resolved soon once the full version is rolled out.

Prominent Features of this App

  • You can change the speed or force of the fluids.
  • Size of the flowing fluids can also be changed.
  • The colors and steams can be altered at your will.

You can use this app at your will and perform a lot of changes as mentioned. And this is why the Magic Fluids app is probably considered the best of it’s kind.

Hope this was helpful! And if you use this app, please let us know how much you liked or enjoyed it. 

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