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How to Hide Photos, Videos on your mobile

Hide Photos: Many of you may be having a few things that you may not feel good to share with everyone. That may be some pictures, some videos or some files. You may be thinking about how to hide photos, videos on your mobile. Well, it is a very easy task using the app called Clock Vault – Hide Photos, Videos and files.

Many times your friends and family may be using your mobile and may open your gallery for fun this may affect your privacy. To get rid of this issue you can use the Clock Vault app that will help you to Hide all your private info which you may not like to share with others.

This post is all about the Clock Vault app ‘s use and a simple guide on how to Hide Photos, Videos and files using the Clock Vault app.

How to Use Clock Vault App

Let’s now look at how to Hide Photos and videos  using the Clock Vault app. Firstly you should install the app from the Google play store.

After you install the clock Vault app on your device you will find a guide with three steps that you can use to set a password 

The three steps are nothing but you have to move the minutes hand on the clock towards the time that you want to set as a password and then click on the middle button to set the password. Repeat the same for confirmation. 

This will then take you to the password recovery page where you will be asked to answer a few questions. You can finish those questions or you can skip it and move to the next process.

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In the next step to find a plus symbol on the right bottom click it and add the photos, videos and files that you want to keep private. Whenever you need to open those hidden info you need to adjust the time that you had set as password.

Why Choose the Clock Vault App?

Here are a few things that make the Clock Vault app different from others and which attract most of the people to choose the app to hide photos and videos on your device.

The app allows you to Hide photos with gallery Clock Vault and also videos in many formats. Only you can open those pictures as the password will be set by you.

The app gives you an option to have your desired album cover on the hidden folder. The app also helps as an app protector for a large number of apps like messenger, gallery, Email, contacts etc.


It has many other features like video player, private browser etc. And also the app is easy to use and you can easily unlock the app just by moving the minute hand of the clock and then pressing the middle button.

Wrapping Up

Here ends our post on how to Hide photos and videos on your mobile. The app called Clock Vault is really an amazing app and we really wish that you are going to try the app.

The features it possesses are really attractive and the app is completely safe. The app is easy to use and the passwords are easily remembered and easy to unlock too.

But before you Uninstall the app make sure you remove all the files from it or else you may lose all the photos, videos or files that you had Hide using the app. Hope we were up to the mark to help you with how to Hide photos, videos on your mobile. If you have any further questions you can reach us at any time.

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