Tuesday, May 30, 2023

SBI Online Banking Not Working: Why and How to Fix!

SBI online banking is not working currently. A huge number of customers who are using SBI for online transactions are facing server down issues currently. SBI has been receiving many complaints for SBI online banking not working. Many services like net banking, UPI payments, and SBI official apps are not retaliating. 

You might be wondering why SBI online banking is not working? Well, no worries! We will help you to get rid of the SBI online banking not working problem. As every problem has a solution this problem can also be fixed with the help of a few options mentioned below.  

There may be many reasons why SBI online banking is not working such as Technical issues, server issues, poor internet connection, incorrect login credentials, account inactivity. As every online platform faces technical issues, this time it affected SBI online banking too.

Due to technical glitch SBI online banking is not working. But this won’t affect you much longer. Here we have come up with some options that will help you solve the SBI online banking not working problem. 

How to Fix “SBI Online Banking Not Working Issue”

If you are facing an SBI online Banking not working issue then you can follow the below options to fix SBI online banking not working issue

1. Check Server Status

Sometimes the SBI server will experience high traffic which can affect the online banking apps. In this case it’s better to check the website regarding server down update.

2. Technical issues

SBI online banking also gets affected by technical glitches which makes the SBI online banking app temporarily unavailable.

3. Check your internet connectivity

Make sure your internet connection is working properly because poor internet   connection will affect the functioning  of SBI online banking portal.

4. Check SBI’s website and social Media Accounts

Always check SBI’s website and social media accounts for any announcement regarding any technical issues that might affect SBI online services.

5. Check your login credentials

Ensure that you are entering correct account details including username and password. You can also reset your password if you face any issue while login.

6. Update your Browser or App

An outdated browser or App may not be appropriate for SBI online banking. Make sure your Browser is always updated.

7. Contact SBI customer support

If you face the SBI online banking not working issue even after following the above steps, then reach out to SBI customer support team for further assistance.

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