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How to Clone Apps on Android

In Android phones there are different types of apps which are helpful in their respective aspects. You all have both personal and professional uses with these apps but you can not use these apps for both purposes. In such situations the best method which will help you to overcome this problem is cloning the apps.

Cloning an app is nothing but creating an identical copy to use separately. Examples of apps which can be cloned are WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram etc. 

But many of the users don’t know how to clone apps in android phones, here you will get some knowledge regarding the same.

Before you clone an app here are some of the major reasons to clone an app. 

Reasons (Why) to Clone an App

Main reason to clone an app is for using multiple accounts simultaneously. Many apps facilitate signing in or login using multiple accounts (Google accounts). 

Another reason for app cloning, if you and your family have only one phone, in such cases you can create a duplicate of an app to use multiple members. 

Cloning of an app is essential for privacy and security. 

Best Way of Cloning an App

For cloning an app on an Android phone there are many cloning apps one of such apps is App Cloner. But the drawback of this app is, it is not available in Google Play Store. It should download directly from the website of the developer. 

I have also suggested some other best apps for cloning, so pay attention. 

Steps to Follow After Installing App Cloner 

Step 01: Select the app which you want to clone. 

Step 02: Plan to make cloned apps differ from the original one by some changes like Name, Icon Colour,and rotating icon etc. 

Step 03: Then click on the clone icon. 

Step 04: Then you will see a message like Issues and Problems. You should read it carefully. 

Step 05: In that message at bottom you will see a Continue option tap on it. 

Note that in between you will receive many warnings, ignore those until cloning  finishes. 

Step 06: After successful cloning tap on Install App. 

Step 07: Then you will see a new app which differs from the original one with respective changes you have made. Then click on Install. 

Then it will be installed into your mobile.

Here are some other cloning apps along with App cloner. Hope these might help you. 

Bonus: List of Best App Cloning Apps and Their Key Features

In this list I will suggest 10 best apps for App cloning. 

1 Multiple Accounts or Dual Accounts 

It is available in the play store. It helps to clone social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook etc. 

It provides a security lock for protecting sensitive data.

2 Do Multiple Accounts 

It is one of the top most cloning apps for using multiple accounts on Android. 

This  app is powered by the most light-weighted and powerful cloning engine which will help you to clone your app into separated parallel space.

3 2Accounts

It has a simple UI. All the data which is present will be stored separately and won’t interfere with each other, and it has a Secret Zone and Security Lock. 

4 Super Clone

It is a very stable app. For each clone it will manage notifications. 

5 Dr Clone

It is one of the oldest apps with regular updates that works in almost all Android versions. It will support Incognito app installation. Also it hides apps for privacy. 

6 Multi Space 

It is a lightweight app design which you can easily navigate and it is simple and user friendly. 

7 Parallel App 

It will make the list of all apps which are installed on your device and you can easily clone listed apps by clicking one-by-one.It can support multiple languages. 

8 Parallel Space multi-Account Cloning 

It facilitates the customization of themes of the cloned apps and of Parallel Space. It can provide Styling options.

9 Multi Parallel – Multi Accounts 

It is especially designed for older Android versions. It hides apps for privacy. 

10 Parallel Account Lite 

Devices which are having low RAM and low Storage for such devices this app is very much useful. 

All the above cloning apps are commonly involved in cloning of all social media apps. So, this post ends here. Hope this will assist you in cloning apps in a simple and easy way. And above all cloning apps are safe and secure up to my knowledge. 

Do you think we missed any best apps? Why not tell us in the comments section below. We will look forward to adding them to our list. 

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