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Make UPI Payments Without Internet Connection

UPI Payments are preferred by most of the people these days and there are many offers available for most of the payments through the online applications. These UPI Payments can be done anytime without the use of the card or any other alternatives, it can be handled easily through the net banking applications just by doing a simple login procedure and through an internet connection. 

But internet connection may disrupt some places making it difficult to do an UPI payment through the online applications and might be a hurdle for payment procedure. To avoid this difficulty we are presenting you with detailed steps for How to Make UPI Payments Without Internet.

3 Ways For UPI Payment Without Internet Connection

UPI payment is the easy paying option that one could choose for safer payments. But what happens when you don’t have the internet? Don’t know how to pay right away! At the time you may feel stressed. To avoid all these problems, you can go through the below provided options for UPI transactions without internet connection.

1. Transaction through 99# service

You can use this 99# service for money transactions when your internet connection is poor or without internet connection.

Step 1: Call 99# Service Number

Open your call icon and then dial 99# service number. Make sure to use the same mobile phone which is linked to your bank account. When you click the call option, you will find a set of options, enter number 1 and click on send.

Step 2: Payment receiver’s details

Choose the payment receiver’s details that you have, type the number, and then press on send. Now, enter the mobile number linked to the bank account and submit the details by hitting send option.

Step 3: Type the Amount

Enter the amount you wish to send along with the remark for payment. To complete the transaction just enter your UPI pin.

Step 4: To end 99# Service

To end this services, again dial 99# on your mobile phone and then a list of options will be displayed on screen, press number 4 and then to unregister from UPI, type number 7. For confirmation you can press 1 to check whether the service is stopped or not.

2. Transaction through IVR Number

Interactive Voice Response is an amazing service that enables the customers to make payments through automated interactive systems via the telecommunications.

Step 1: Dial the Toll-free Number

These services are available 24/7 so make sure to dial (080 4516 3666, 080 4516 3581, or 6366 200 200) these toll-free numbers through the mobile phone that is linked to your bank account.

Step 2: Input Reference Number

In this, customers should enter their payment reference number as an invoice or an account. Once it is completed, you will be notified about your balance in your account.

Step 3: Text or Verbal Confirmation

If you are willing to pay, then enter your credit card that is immediately authorized by connecting to your credit card processor. If the payment is completed then you will receive a written confirmation through text message or else you can choose verbal confirmation.

3. Transaction through Sound-based technology

Mainly this payment service uses sound waves for transactions by Near Field Technology. This Sound-based technology permits payments on a variety of devices, including smartphones, feature phones, card swipe machines, and point-of-sale devices, and is not dependent on any internet connection.

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Step 1: Enter IVR Number

You can make a call to IVR number 6366200200 and then select the Pay to Merchant option. Press # symbol after you hear a POD beep sound.

Step 2: Input the Payment Amount

Now, enter the amount you need to send and type the appropriate UPI number to process your payment. If the transaction is completed, you will receive a call from the IVR service number.

Final Note

The above listed procedure can be used to make an UPI payment without internet connection and can provide a safrer transactions. Making an UPI Payment might be worth and safe but this might not work all the time due to poor internet connection or through some issues in the bank servers to avoid the insecurities through these UPI Payments, it is better to handle some cash for the payments. This might save us in difficult times and could be a smart choice to avoid insecurities as there could be some fraud in the online payment procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

To know more about the use the above listed services or to avoid an confusion while transaction without internet connection. Read the below listed frequently asked questions.

1. Is UPI Lite functions without Internet connection?

Yes! As it is an “on-device wallet”, you can use legit payments without the use of the internet. According to the press release from NPCI, UPI Lite will conduct transactions in nearly offline mode, meaning debit can be performed without an internet connection whereas credits into the account will be done online.

2. How to Pay in Paytm app without internet connection?

  • On the tap to Pay home screen, click Add New Card or first select one of the saved cards from the list. 
  • After providing the necessary card information, proceed to accept all the terms and conditions to process the payment.
  • Your registered mobile number or email address will receive an OTP. Check and enter the OTP.
  • The card will be activated at the top of the Tap to Pay such that you can make Payments without the internet.

3. What is 123PAY?

123PAY is an instant payment system that is used to make payments securely and safely using the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) payment service. They include dialing an IVR (interactive voice response) number, using an app on a feature phone, a missed call-based strategy, proximity sound-based payments and so on.

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