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How to Apply for Samsung Credit Card 

Want to Apply for a Samsung Credit Card, don’t know how to proceed? No issues, here’s everything you are searching for.

Credit cards are something every bank offers to make easy and fruitful payments. Samsung being an electronic supplier company raised its funds to release its own credit cards called Samsung Credit Cards. These credit cards offer good benefits and discounts on every Samsung item you buy. We have certain procedures for everything and are the same for applying for Samsung Credit cards. 

To apply for a Samsung Credit Card you can make use of Samsung shops. Apart from it there are other options too which will be discussed below.

Eligibility Criteria for Samsung Credit Card 

For any credit card there is a particular eligibility criteria. Not only for credit cards to apply for anything there is a particular eligibility Criteria. Samsung Credit Card also has its own eligibility criteria that should be fulfilled to get the Card.

To become a Samsung Credit Card holder one must have the age above 18 years and below 70 years. Apart from this you must have the citizenship of India. These are the eligibility criteria you must fulfill to get a Samsung Credit Card. 

Steps to Apply for Samsung Credit Card 

There are a few channels or sites that help you to apply for a Samsung Credit Card. In this post we are going to show you one such site. Just follow the steps mentioned below and apply for the Samsung Credit Card within seconds.

Step-01: Open the following link

Go to your chrome browser and type the link: https://www.samsung.com/in/samsung-card/notify-me/. When you open the link you will find an option called notify me. Click on the notify me option.

Step-02: Fill the form

When you click on the notify me option a form will be opened for you. The form includes the details like your name, email I’d, mobile number and pin code. Later at the bottom you will find a captcha, enter the captcha on the space provider there. Later at the bottom end you will find an option called submit. Click on it.

Step-03: Confirm the submission process 

When you complete submission of the required data in the form provided you will get a call from the bank or get a mail. This happens only when you are eligible for the Credit card. Just confirm the mails you get to confirm your submission process.

Step-04: Show the required documents 

A few documents are required for the application of Samsung credit card like pan card etc. You need to show all the required documents to confirm or complete your application process. 

Step-05: Wait till 14 business days

After you show or submit all the documents to the particular authorities all those will be cross checked. If all the documents are perfect then you will get your Samsung Credit Card within 14 business days. You must wait till then.

That’s it, it’s very easy to apply for a Samsung Credit Card. Use the above link and get your Credit card sooner.

Documents required for Samsung Credit Card Application 

You need to have a few documents when you apply for a Samsung credit card. These are the basic things everyone must have to get a Samsung Credit Card. Below is a list of documents which you must have with you when you apply for a Samsung Credit Card. 

  • A photocopy of your PAN card
  • A proof of income in the form of bank statement or recent payslip or IT return or form 16
  • Passport size photos
  • You Must also have a residential proof. It may: Adhaar card, voter Id, driving licence or passport 
  • You should also submit an identity proof which may be a Adhaar card, voter Id, driving licence, passport or a PAN card

The Documents mentioned above are just overall documents which may vary in some particular cases. But these documents are necessary to get a Samsung Credit Card.  

Benefits of Having a Samsung Credit Card 

We discussed everything about the Samsung Credit Card but what are the benefits of having a Samsung Credit Card? Let’s know here. Just like other credit cards the Samsung Credit Card also has its own benefits. 

Having a Samsung Credit Card gives you awesome discounts on any Samsung items. Apart from discounts it also gives you a cashback upto 10% on every purchase of Samsung products. There are two types of Samsung credit cards and the cashback varies among them. 

The two types of Samsung credit cards are: Visa signature card and visa infinite card. Visa signature card gives you a cashback of 2,500 rs per month and 10,000 rs per year whereas, Visa infinite card benefits you with the cashback of 5,000 rs per month and 20,000 rs per annum.

Final thoughts

As you have good benefits with the Samsung Credit Card it’s good to have it with you soon. Enjoy amazing offers and cashbacks on every purchase of Samsung products. Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria to apply for a Samsung Credit Card. As discussed, it’s very easy to apply for a Samsung Credit Card and hope you are gonna definitely give it a try.

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