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Samsung Launches Credit Card in India Partnership With Axis Bank

Samsung Credit cards recently launched by Samsung have their own benefits. After Apple, Samsung is the first company to launch its own credit card. Though both companies have their own payment options Apple doesn’t provide its services in India and hence its a great chance for Samsung to attract a large audience in India.

Every time Samsung brings a new product to market it may be a smart TV, smartwatch, smartphone etc. But this time it launched a Credit card. The Samsung Credit Card was launched with the partnership between the South Korean giant and Axis Bank and hence called these cards Samsung Axis Bank Credit cards. 

The Samsung Credit Card comes in two variants. The two cards are: Visa signature and Visa infinite. There’s not much difference between both the cards but differ in a few aspects like benefits, offers and the yearly fees of the card. When it comes to yearly fees the Visa signature card costs you around 500 rs per year excluding the taxes. If you spend more than 2,00,000 rs per year then the cost is increased.

In case you need the Visa infinite the free varies. Visa infinite costs you around 5,000 rs per year. In case your expenditure per year crosses 7,00,000 then the cost is increased. 

But what’s the need of these Samsung Credit Cards as there bare many other credit cards offered by different banks. What’s special with the Samsung Axis Bank Credit Card? In the Credit card launching program the authorities have explained all the benefits of having a Samsung Credit Card which were really stunning. 

Benefits of Having Samsung Credit Card 

The main benefit of having a Samsung Credit Card is you get a 10% cashback on every Samsung product purchase. This is the main benefit you get with the Samsung Credit Card. 

It may be online shopping or offline shopping. Whenever you buy any Samsung products you will get a 10% cashback. You can select any one Credit card that you find beneficial for you.

Depending on the ability to pay the credit card bills you can select any one of the credit cards. If you have a low budget and have no high annual expenditures you can get a visa signature card if not you can get the visa infinite card.

In the case of the Visa signature card you will get a cashback of 2,500 rs per month and over 10,000 per year. At the same time with the visa infinite card you can get a cashback of 5,000 rs per month and 20,000 per year. Now you can happily purchase any Samsung items and get great offers and benefits.

Not only cashbacks you can also access airport lounges. With the signature card you can have 4 visits per year but the flaw is you can only have access to domestic flights. Instead if you use the infinite card you can have 8 visits per year and access to both domestic and international flights.

You can apply for a Samsung Credit Card using Samsung channels or even a Samsung shop. Be the first to get the Samsung Credit Card and enjoy all the benefits and offers provided by the Samsung Credit Card. 

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