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Phone Doctor Plus: Make Your Mobile Work Properly

People use phones worldwide on a daily basis for several purposes. From business information to personal allowance smartphones have dominated every individual’s life in terms of digital smart work. 

There is hardware in your mobile phone that allows the smartphone to work properly. Thus, you can say that the working of your smartphone depends on many factors- one of them is “Hardware of different apps” in your mobile. What If I tell you, you can check the working of each app through an app? That will keep you away from trouble of visiting the mobile repair store repeatedly. Installation of this app will not only keep you away from the hustle of visiting shops but also add features in your mobile that involve detection of errors, determining battery life and cleaning the trash.

Phone Doctor Plus App

Phone doctor plus is an app designed to test your phone’s functionality and identify specific problems if there are any. After installing the app, you can easily check the phone hardware whether it is working or not. 

A good point is that this app comes with no pesky ads that waste your time. Reviews have said that installing this app is better than installation of a phone cleaner with antivirus cleaning services. As it is all in one app that scans and clean the trash from your mobile and tests every hardware at the same time.

This app gives you detailed specific options that are not complex to read and understand. 


  • You will get to see hardware of all systems at a glance.
  • It has the feature to test 30 hardware and sensors at the same time.
  • Phone Doctor plus detects any error in the functioning of the app within five minutes.
  • Examine your battery faster than it takes time to charge.
  • Saves your time to visit a mobile repair shop.
  • Detects the errors and clean the trash at the same time.
  • Test every hardware- Outer hardware, sensors, wireless and professional hardware at the same time.
  • Battery detection contributes to better functioning of the app.
  • Display check and multitouch avoid your mobile from technical glitches.

The testing features have been categorised into two segments:


  • Call functions
  • Memory
  • CPU
  • Storage
  • Vibrator
  • Speaker and mic
  • Front microphone
  • Rear microphone
  • Wifi connection
  • Cellular network
  • Bluetooth
  • Specification
  • Knox
  • Root
  • Headphone jack
  • GPS
  • Multitouch
  • Display Check
  • Connector
  • Light sensor


  • Screen ageing
  • GPS
  • Speaker and mic
  • Receiver and mic
  • Front microphone

The first step is to log in and enjoy the complete experience of testing your outer hardware, sensors, inner hardware and wireless.

How to Make Your Mobile Work Properly 

Step 01: Install “Phone Doctor Plus” from the playstore.

Step 02: Once you open the app, click at the top third option appears as “Settings”.

Step 03: Accept “inspection” that appears on your screen.

Step 04: You can see the inspection of the system, display, and component with percentage in your mobile. You can inspect again if needed by choosing the “Inspect again” option.

Step 05: Click on the “Clean trash” icon that appears at the top menu bar. Scan and clean the trash at the same time for proper functioning of hardware.

Step 06: Check at the “Battery detection” icon to check the “Charge detection” and “battery health test”.

Step 07: To know more information about the app, click at the last option at the top menu bar that takes you to the website for further information and features for better understanding.



Phone Doctor Plus tests the hardware of each app in your mobile for a good experience and proper functioning of your mobile. Read the guide thoroughly to know the features and use them accordingly.

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