Thursday, April 11, 2024

Galaxy Phones to get Fastest Charging Speed Ever – Says Samsung

Samsung may upgrade the charging speed in future Galaxy smartphones, according to recent reports. The company’s transformer supplier, Atum, has introduced chargers boasting 65 watts and 140 watts, which could potentially be used in future Galaxy devices.

While the Galaxy S24 series, set to release in 2024, will still charge at the same speed as the Galaxy S20 series from 2020, Samsung may bump up the speed sometime in 2024 or later.

Currently, Samsung’s fastest charging is 45W, which was added to its Galaxy smartphones in 2020. And the Galaxy S20 Ultra was the only model to charge at that speed, while the other two models were limited to 25W charging. The company did the same in 2021 as well, upgrading the Plus model to 45W charging but leaving the Galaxy S22 behind.

If Samsung does upgrade its charging speed to 65W, it would still be slower than some competing solutions, such as Vivo and Oppo that are pushing the limits to over 200W. However, Samsung may take its time to evaluate things before offering faster charging.

It’s worth noting that getting batteries to charge at higher wattages without causing damage can be tricky, which is why fast charging in smartphones continues to rest at around the 45W level. Many smartphones and smart devices are now taking advantage of adaptive charging, which prioritizes charging the device in a way that doesn’t increase the risk to the overall battery life.

Samsung is planning to provide better charging speed to their Galaxy devices, along with a good battery life. Thus it might take a little more time to get it on board as it was never done before. But, it is gonna be worth waiting, says Samsung.

In conclusion, Samsung may upgrade charging speed in future Galaxy smartphones, potentially up to 65W or even 140W. However, it’s unclear when this upgrade will happen, and Samsung may take its time to evaluate things before offering faster charging.

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