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Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy A52 Embrace December 2023 Update

Samsung has released its December 2023 update for the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy A52, providing over 60 patches and enhancing security. The update includes Google’s 50 fixes and Samsung’s 16 fixes, including One UI 6.1 for battery protection. The locked variants of the Galaxy Note 20 and A52 are now in the spotlight, with the A52 set to receive One UI 6 and Android 14.

What’s Inside?

From the get go, there probably won’t be firecrackers, just a normal security update. Notwithstanding, a more profound jump uncovers more going on under the surface. This update is something beyond a safeguard against expected dangers; it’s a quiet watchman for your Galaxy device.

Invigorating Security with North of 60 Patches

The December 2023 update is definitely not a simple convention. It brings more than 60 patches that weave a robust security net around your Galaxy device. Google contributes with 50 fixes focusing on bugs settled inside the Android OS, while Samsung adds another 16 fixes, adding an additional layer of protection.

One UI 6.1: Protecting Your Battery

Past security, the update presents One UI 6.1, going above and beyond in safeguarding your device’s battery life. It’s not just about battling off outer dangers; it’s likewise about sustaining the health of your device from the inside.

Update Subtleties for Galaxy A52 and Note 20

For users on US Cellular and Verizon, the locked variations of the Galaxy Note 20 series and the Galaxy A52 are presently at the centre of attention. Firmware versions N98*USQS6HWK1 and A526USQSCEWK3 are the passes to the upgraded security and battery protection highlights.

Planning ahead

For the Galaxy A52, there’s a commitment of one major update, standing ready as One UI 6 and Android 14. In the meantime, the Galaxy Note 20, having exhausted its major updates, isn’t left neglected. It probably won’t be on the front stage, however it keeps on getting security-related updates, guaranteeing an elegant maturing process.

Step by step instructions to Join the Upgrade Party

Assuming you’re employing the Galaxy Note 20 or Galaxy A52 in the US, now is the right time to hit that update button. Explore the software update menu in your system settings, tap ‘download and introduce,’ and let the digital wizardry unfurl. Your device probably won’t toss a motorcade, yet it’s your safeguard against the steadily developing digital scene. Remain updated, remain secure.

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